14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner Review

You have a high school reunion coming up. Unfortunately you aren’t on the “track team” anymore and certainly do not resemble “Skinny Sally”—the name your high school buds gave you.

These days you’re more of a ‘Robust Rita.” And you dread seeing your friends.

14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner wants to help. Containing a blend of fat burning teas, energizing metabolism boosters, and B Vitamins, 14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner promises to increase your energy levels so you feel at your very best, have you “burning the butter” you’ve been hiding in a girdle, and help your body to convert food to fuel rather than adding it to your already significant storage!

But you are leery of diet pills, and rightly so. There are a lot of ineffective products out there.

How do you know you can trust 14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner?

The ingredients never lie.

Let’s look at them.

The 14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner Ingredients

14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner offers the following ingredients:

Tea Fusion Blend–consisting of Green Tea, White Tea, and Oolong Tea. These teas are very good for your overall health, containing a high level of antioxidants which heal free radical damage to your cells from years of poor eating, sun and environmental exposure and general mistreatment. Healing your body at a cellular level can prevent disease and premature aging. These teas also contain low levels of natural caffeine for a small energy and metabolic boost, and EGCG’s which can oxidize fat for burning, and boost metabolism.
Energy Booster Blend–containing Coffee Bean Extract, Ginseng, and L-Taurine. Coffee Bean increases energy levels and boosts metabolism. Ginseng is used in diet pills for its ability to energize the body and mind, and L-Taurine is an amino acid that helps with heart health and lowering bad cholesterol levels—as well as improving energy to the muscles.
B Vitamin Complex–B vitamins are thought to work in a number of ways; they convert food into fuel, and improve energy levels and metabolism. While undoubtedly good for you, there is no evidence that B vitamins help with weight loss.

Will 14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner Cause Side Effects?

We doubt you’ll receive many adverse side effects from taking 14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner. All the ingredients seem safe.

Green Tea in high quantities may cause mild bowel loosening, and contains a low amount of caffeine. If you’re extremely sensitive to stimulants you could experience some minor caffeine-related side effects.

14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner Cost and Guarantee

14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner is CHEAP. You can find it anywhere from $10-$20—and considering the lack of money-back guarantee, we’d advise spending as little as possible!

Will 14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner Work?

It depends upon what you want. Someone as desperate to lose weight as you should probably avoid 14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner.


14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner does not divulge ingredient dose. Without it, it’s impossible to gauge 14 Day Thermo Action Fat Burner’s effectiveness.

Also, the ingredients are delivered in “Proprietary Blends.” With the exception of a few containing high quantities of clinically proven ingredients, blends should be avoided. They will often give low quantities of the ingredients that count.

Opt instead for a top-rated diet pill that will resuscitate your metabolism, improve your mood so you can cope with dieting, and suppress your appetite.

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