17 Day Diet Review


Have you ever noticed that most of the popular diets coming out lately are low carb diets developed by Dr. so and so? The 17 Day Diet is no exception. The 17 Day Diet was created by one Dr. Moreno, a San Diego based doctor who decided to capitalize on the hype of low carb diets and any media outlet that would listen!

The 17 Day Diet has been profiled by everybody from the random blogger to WebMD, and why not. It is supposed to be a quick an easy way to lose weight, in just 17 days. As it turns out, you can use the 17 Day Diet for as long as you want, and there are 3 different phases that can be mixed and matched followed by a 4th maintenance phase.

The 17 Day Diet is recommended by experts, and WebMD’s experts even call it healthy, effective, and many other good things. So you would think that this was revolutionary, impressive, something worth a ton! And you would think that paying just $12 for this would be even more impressive. But what you get is not quite what you might expect.

Here’s the diet outline:
• Focus on lean proteins and vegetables
• Exercise for at least 17 minutes a day, 30 to 60 after phase 2
• Cut down on carbs
• Cut out fried or greasy food
• Eliminate junk food
• Drink plenty of water
• Stop eating fruit after 2PM

Sound familiar? It should. Outside of the very specific exercise requirements, this is your everyday low carb diet. The 17 Day Diet is nothing new. You’ve seen it before, starting with the Atkins Diet, moving onto the South Beach Diet, and making a number of other appearances along the way.

Obviously, this diet works. Many people have already used it and lost a ton of weight. Some people have even been able to keep the weight off. A lot of that depends on you. But people who lose weight using 17 Day Diet or any other diet for that matter typically exercise for at least an hour a day.

But I’ve already read about this diet and studied this diet countless times. This diet has been around since the 50’s, when it was first introduced under a doctor’s name. And it will continue to be popular as long as there are dieters. The 17 Day Diet is just another name that people might buy. Obviously, don’t buy 17 Day Diet unless you are ready to buckle down and follow the rules. But if you are ready, you might be surprised at just how simple and common sense based 17 Day Diet happens to be.

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