3 Day Detox Review

3 Day Detox3 Day Detox is a pill that claims to be able to cleanse your entire body in order to help you lose weight in just 3 short days. The makers of 3 Day Detox have fused 15 all-natural ingredients into their innovative, fast-acting cleansing product in order to strip your body of harmful toxins and allow your body to safely and effectively get rid of excess weight.

Cleansing and detoxification are an important part of any successful diet plan so we wanted to take a closer look at this product’s ingredients to see if they can deliver on their promises and really help you detox and drop pounds in only 3 days.

3 Day Detox: Pros

• Ridding your body of toxins can increase your energy level and improve your mood
• Helping your body get rid of excess waste, water retention, and toxic build-up can make a large different in your weight in a short period of time
• Is the perfect product for those trying to lose weight fast
• Made with 100% all-natural ingredients so you won’t experience any side effects
• Comes at an inexpensive, completely affordable price

3 Day Detox: Cons

• Because you lose weight so quickly you need to implement a healthy diet and regular exercise or you’ll be likely to gain the weight back after you’ve finished detoxing
• Contains mild laxatives that may make you frequent the restroom more than usual
• For some, the release of toxins from within body cells can cause headaches or irritability while in the cleansing process

3 Day Detox Ingredients

3 Day Detox contains 15 herbal ingredients including: dandelion root, buchu, cornsilk, parsley, cranberry, cayenne, ginger, and milk thistle which all work synergistically with your body to release toxins from your cells and help cleanse your colon of excess waste.

3 Day detox has been designed to be taken 5 capsules at a time, twice daily with meals. In order to see the best results possible, the makers of this product suggest that you consume low-fat, non-processed foods and exercise daily. Exercise helps to further remove toxins from your system so you can lose weight and feel great!

3 Day Detox – Our Thoughts

From what we’ve seen with this product’s ingredient composition, it looks like 3 Day Detox is going to be an effective detox weight loss product when it comes to safely cleansing your system and releasing harmful toxins from your cells. This product is completely affordable and the lowest price we’ve found online is only $10.99 per bottle. Because 3 Day Detox is all-natural and won’t solicit any negative side effects, we recommend trying it if you want to lose weight fast—you have nothing to lose! Click here to learn more about 3 Day Detox!

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