5 Factor Diet Review

5 Factor Diet

The 5 Factor Diet talks about helping you to finally achieve greater weight loss results. With the 5 Factor Diet, you can get a diet created by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, and apparently, it will help you to burn more fat and effectively get your weight loss process going, transforming your body in just 5 weeks. They talk about the 5 Factor Diet as if it is the miracle approach to your real weight loss. But does it work?

The 5 Factor Diet consists of 5 meals per day, 5 ingredients per meal, 5 exercises, 5 minute each, and otherwise the number 5.

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It really couldn’t be any simpler than with the 5 Factor Diet. You basically speaking get something anybody could remember all day long, and it’s easy preparation, even 5 minute preparation with meals. They talk about some common sense things like 5 meals per day. But it’s not anything you couldn’t find for free on the internet. And unfortunately, they also have some things that go against clinical studies. For example, they give you 25 minutes of different exercises, when you should be using at least 1 hour of cardio alone per day to really lose weight.

5 Factor Diet – Our Recommendation

With the 5 Factor Diet, they have a number of things wrong. But it all starts with the fact that they rely purely on celebrity hype rather than substantiated facts. When it comes right down to it, they don’t actually have what you would need for greater success, and 5 Factor Diet is just another waste. They give you things that you should and could really get for free, and frankly they teach you habits that will hinder you rather than help you.

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