850 Hoodia/Hoodia 850 Review


The 850 Hoodia formula promises that you can finally take advantage of the secret of the South African bushmen when it comes to weight loss. They say that 850 Hoodia has all of the right ingredients, the effective amounts, and everything else that you are looking for. With 850 Hoodia, you will finally be able to eliminate your appetite.

But the question is, does 850 Hoodia actually work? Does 850 Hoodia give you anything revolutionary at all?

The only ingredient found in 850 Hoodia is 850mg of hoodia.

The Truth

850 Hoodia has one ingredient. The fact is that hoodia does not promote weight loss. Hoodia has been through multiple studies. But realistically speaking, the fact is that hoodia has been proven not to promote any greater benefits at all. This being said, all of the clinical studies have shown negative effects in general. In addition, the simple fact is that hoodia cannot actually be exported from South Africa at all. It is not legal.

So basically speaking, with 850 Hoodia, you don’t actually know what you’re getting. Basically every major appetite suppressant that can show results requires about 1000mg or more. Unfortunately, the simple fact is that you cannot actually get any results. They don’t even use that 1000mg that is generally used with other ingredients that have been successful, or the greater amounts associated with its supposed cousin known as caralluma fimbriata. So we would definitely recommend that you find something else to achieve better results.

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