Abdominal Cuts Review

Abdominal Cuts

Abdominal Cuts talks about being the ultimate diet pill to help you to effectively speaking target belly fat and eliminate your problems.

With Abdominal Cuts, you get the completely stimulant free and all natural approach to weight loss, and apparently, it will finally give you results that you would not see anywhere else.

Of course, there is nothing including exercises that can actually target one area of fat, including belly fat. But does Abdominal Cuts really give you what it takes to burn more fat in general or is it the result of an over-hyped placebo effect?

Let’s take a closer look to find out the truth . . .

The Formula

ab cuts supplement factsAbdominal Cuts ingredients include CLA, DHA, EPA, GLA, ALA, vitamin E, and sesame oil all combined into a 2400mg proprietary blend.

While there are no scientific studies to back these ingredients, consumer reviews are still fairly positive, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

CLA: Conjugated Linoleic acid supposedly triggers the death of fat cells and may help promote weight loss in overweight individuals. Typical dosage is about 1.8 grams daily, but AB Cuts offers a whopping 500 mg.

GLA: Gamma Linolenic Acid is another fatty acid, that is not backed with weight loss research, and in fact, in one study back in 1983, researchers found that GLA had no effect whatsoever.

ALA: Alpha-Linolenic Acid does have a few studies proving its effectiveness for lowering cholesterol and improving BMI – but these studies are in Mice, not humans. Not exactly encouraging is it?

EPHA and DHA: These ingredients are both fish oils (which is great for boosting brain power) and in one study they managed to have a positive effect on the hormone leptin, which controls appetite.

Sesamin: Once again, the animal studies suggest that Sesamin may increase fat oxidation in rats, but it is unknown whether or not it will promote weight loss in human trials.

Consumers should keep in mind that these ingredients are primarily fats. Good fats, but fats nonetheless. You better watch your calories for the day when using this supplement.

Are There Any Side Effects?

One of the great things about Abdominal Cuts is that it shouldn’t cause any drastic or negative side effects and that it is completely stimulant free.

However, GLA has been known to interact with blood thinner medications, and ALA may actually raise cholesterol levels. Consequently, you’ll want to talk with your doctor if you have a history of cardiovascular conditions.

Additionally some consumers complained of bloating, gas, and belching while supplementing with this product.

Product Pricing

Abdominal Cuts can be purchased for about $40-$50 when you go through the manufacturer’s website (depending on whichever sale they have), but if you’re serious about buying this formula, I suggest going through Amazon.com where you can find it for much cheaper: $24.28 per bottle.

More Ab-Cuts Formulas

Abdominal Cuts, despite its apparent flaws, is actually one of the most popular supplements in the industry, and consequently, the manufacturers deemed it worthy for reformulation. Now there are multiple Ab-cut formulas with the same “good” fats to help you lose weight as well as additional ingredients for weight loss. You can read about them below:

Ab Cuts Sleek and Lean
Men’s Abdominal Cuts Sport
Abdominal Cuts Midsection Fat Formula
Abdominal Cuts Green
Abdominal Cuts Active Women’s Midsection Formula

The Manufacturers

Abdominal Cuts is sold by a company known as Revolution, found on reovlutionlifestyle.com, and it’s created by Corr-Jenson Labs. The company was originally founded back in 2005, so I give them at least a little credit for sticking around these past few years rather than making an appearance for a month and then changing the name and starting all over again and again.

According to The Better Business Bureau, Corr-Jenson Labs have an excellent A rating – which is always a nice plus considering so many others would rather take your money and run.

Abdominal Cuts – Our Recommendation

I would not recommend using Abdominal Cuts. It does not promote greater weight loss, let alone does it do things like targeting belly fat. With Abdominal Cuts, manufacturers claim that you can achieve better results in general. However, the simple reality is that Abdominal Cuts does not even come close to greater results. It is weak at best, and at worst, it’s a complete fraud.

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