Abrexin Review

Sleep away your fat and wake up slimmer. If you’ve never heard this before, you haven’t been in the diet pill market, at least not recently. Abrexin is one of many products promising to help dieters to sleep away extra calories and extra fat with a safe, effective, and of course completely stimulant-free approach. In fact, Abrexin even promises a unique blend that you have never seen before, but nonetheless one that has been clinically proven.

The Abrexin Blend: Is This Unique?

Abrexin is definitely something that we have not seen before. This formula only has 3 ingredients, 2 of which have never been used in diet pills before, at least not any that we have seen. The third ingredient is used in just about every diet pill, because bioperine can naturally increase the absorption of other ingredients, maximizing their effectiveness.

Is the Abrexin Blend Effective for Weight Loss?

Abrexin uses bioperine, which is an essential part of a good weight loss product. This ingredient is not a direct weight loss supplement, but without bioperine, are you really getting the best effects? The other ingredients are not so solid. So far, studies have never shown any weight loss benefits with Lactoferrin. Found in many types of milk, lactoferrin is considered to be an antibacterial with no known thermogenic fat burning effects at all.

The other ingredient, GP Shield, does not show up in any searches. Other products do not list this ingredient, there are no labs advertising the name, and nobody knows exactly what GP shield is supposed to be. Abrexin is meant to be used at night, but for all we know GP shield could be caffeine.

Technically, GP shield would then be a proven fat burner that would also keep you up at night. Based on the customer reviews that have popped up so far, we are inclined to think that Abrexin probably does not use caffeine or any other stimulants. We haven’t seen any complaints about jitters, insomnia, or other similar problems. The problem is that we also haven’t seen any reports of actual weight loss.

Is Abrexin Worth Buying?

Abrexin uses ingredients that have been through studies before, just not the type that you want. Abrexin’s strongest ingredient is one that makes other ingredients more effective, second in line is an antibacterial. The odds just aren’t looking great. Abrexin is unique, but maybe that’s for a reason.

Diet pills tend to glob onto ingredients that have been clinically proven to promote weight loss, or at least those that have been popularly touted as weight loss ingredients. Abrexin’s ingredients do not meet either of those charges. So far, we are inclined to believe that Abrexin is not worth the charge. However, if you have used Abrexin, please tell us about your experience below.

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