Acai Cenalex Review

It’s amazing sometimes. It seems like the Acai Cenalex or acai diet pill never fails to come through! Whether sneaking through the cracks or coming through an open door, “free trial offer” acai products seem to pop up everywhere!

Acai Cenalex is in truth pretty standard. It comes with claims of “advanced thermogenics” and “efficient digestion” along with fat burning and detoxing of course! And pictures detail a formula meant for a “great but, guilt free food, and so long fat” with a celebrity diet pill.

The Celebrity Scam

It used to be that Acai Cenalex, like many other acai products, featured Oprah & Dr. Oz, because obviously it sounds good. But now, Acai Cenalex sticks to non specific celebrities, because if there are no names named, nobody can sue Acai Cenalex or other companies like it!

Acai Cenalex was one of over 50 companies sued by Oprah & Dr. Oz, because “Companies used the fact that Oprah and Memhet Oz talked about the acai berries on their shows to create the impression that Oprah and Oz were selling these products – and endorsing them” which clearly both these TV stars were not. Publicist David Schardt further stated that “there is no evidence acai actually helps you lose weight.”

Now the FTC is considering new rules that would make celebrities use any product they endorse. So no more Carmen Electra, no more Kardashian diet pills, and no more Oprah’s special “acai fat burners.” At the very least, it might make celebrities think twice before pushing a diet pill that didn’t even help them to lose weight.

Acai Cenalex’s Other Ingredients

Acai Cenalex does have other ingredients, and one of their other ingredients, green tea, can promote potentially strong fat burning results. But in order to do this, Acai Cenalex would have to have at least 400mg of green tea, if not more. Clearly, it does not judging by the fact that Acai Cenalex does not list any amounts. The other ingredients in Acai Cenalex have nothing to do with weight loss.


The truth is that Acai Cenalex is normal, it’s too normal in fact. There are hundreds of different acai products out there that are just like it, which is really too bad. But it’s not particularly surprising. Most diet pills are designed to make as much money as possible, even if that means creating products that don’t actually work. And acai products are different only because acai products focus on one unproven ingredient that has been all over the news.

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