Acai Slim Detox Review

Acai Slim Detox

Acai Slim Detox is an all natural approach to weight loss with the world’s #1 superfood! Keep in mind, nobody but advertisers have actually said that. No scientists or credible sources have talked about it being the #1 superfood, because it’s not when you compare apples to apples. But anyway, they say that you will finally get the formula that will eliminate fat from your body! But does Acai Slim Detox actually work?

Acai Slim Detox does not list any ingredients.

The Truth

This is an all too common move for products like this, products based on acai. They know that acai does not promote weight loss, and they know that it’s nothing more than a fruit. But they don’t want you to know that, or at least not until you have already bought their product. So they first of all hide their ingredients list. And then, to make sure that you don’t ask too many questions like what their ingredients might be, they draw you in with a “free trial offer.” They don’t really give a money back guarantee, and they definitely don’t tell you that after maybe 7-14 days, you will be signed up for an expensive auto ship that they make nearly impossible to cancel.

We would not recommend using Acai Slim Detox. It is just another waste of time and money, and it will not help you to achieve any other benefits. With Acai Slim Detox, you will not lose any weight, and you will not achieve any other health benefits. So obviously enough, we would definitely ecommend that you find something else.

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5 Diet Pill DON'Ts

DON'T fall for "Free-Trial" scams

DON'T sign up for auto ship programs

DON'T buy diet pills without a guarantee

DON'T settle for a 15-30 day guarantee

DON'T buy diet pills without reading consumer reviews


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