Accelis Review


Accelis is a stimulant free fat burner created for fast weight loss. With Accelis, you will finally be able to focus on the all natural approach that will not cause you any side effects and yet can promote extreme and lasting results. With Accelis, they claim that you will finally be able to take the specialized approach to weight loss that you are looking for. But does Accelis actually work?

Accelis has a blend of all natural ingredients including Lagerstroemia speciosa l. extract (leaf) standardized for 3 percent corosolic acid*, Caffeine-free green tea extract (as Camellia sinensis) (leaf) Supplying polyphenols, catechins, epigallocatechin gallate*, Caffeine-free oolong tea extract (as Camellia sinensis) (leaf) standardized for 15 percent EGCG, 25 percent catechins, 50 percent polyphenols*, Caffeine-free white tea extract (as Camellia sinensis) (leaf) Standardized for 15 percent EGCG, 35 percent catechins 50 percent polyphenols*, Chamomile extract (as Matricaria recutita) (flower) Supplying 1.2 percent apigenin*, Passionflower extract (as Passiflora incarnata) (aerial parts).

The Truth

As you can see, Accelis is definitely stimulant free. It has a number of active ingredients that can promote weight loss such as lagerstroemia speciosa. However, that is more of a blood sugar controller than anything else, which is questionable in terms of its weight loss ability. Their other ingredients that might be considered for weight loss would be teas. But unfortunately, the reason teas actually promote weight loss is because of their caffeine content, which Accelis obviously doesn’t have.

We would not recommend using Accelis. It does not promote greater weight loss results, and it does not promote any benefits in general. Accelis does not have the right ingredients or anything else in general for greater results, and we would definitely recommend that you use something else.

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