Acomplia Review


A previously up and coming prescription medication for weight loss, Acomplia was mostly meant to help you to achieve greater control over your addictions and tendencies likewise.

They claimed that it would help the obese to lose weight or avoid more weight gain and quit smoking at the same time. It was used quite successfully in the effort to stop smoking, and Sanofi Aventis actually had many followers trying to create products in the same class of products.

Does Acomplia Work?

However, unfortunately, there were various problems with Acomplia, and there were suicides that went long unreported among other serious side effects. It was never actually all that effective for weight loss, and Sanofi Aventis actually discontinued it only after it was banned in every major European country, and Acomplia was never actually approved by the American FDA in the first place. The fact is that it was known for causing serious side effects, suicides, and other problems. Actually, Sanofi Aventis was accused of covering up negative study results.

Acomplia – Conclusion

With all of this in mind, there is no proof that Sanofi Aventis covered up negative study results. However, there is plenty of proof of the problems with Acomplia. All countries that used to use it banned it, and all companies who were trying to create similar products have also discontinued testing with their version of Acomplia. All other followers quickly ceased production, and Acomplia has been discontinued all together. Even if you should see something similar in the future, we would recommend avoiding it. Instead, check out our Top Ranked Diet Pills.

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