ActiSlim Xtreme Review

ActiSlim Xtreme Have you thought about trying a weight loss pill, but you are afraid of the ingredients? Diet pills have a bad rap for being dangerous, but there are actually a lot of really safe diet pill products on the market today.

Because of the dangerous diet pill reputation, a lot of companies have tried to go more natural with their formulas. This is great news because there are a lot of clinically proven, natural ingredients out there that can really help you lose weight when it’s combined with diet and exercise.

ActiSlim Xtreme is one of those products that uses a natural, herb-based formula to give you the results that you desire.

But just because it uses herbs, doesn’t mean its actually effective. In fact, a lot of products with more natural ingredients are rarely strong enough to give you results. It can be done with herbs, and is, but you have to be careful and really take a look at the ingredients and the dosage.

What are the benefits of ActiSlim Xtreme?

If ActiSlim Xtreme really does work, there are some nice benefits that you can reap. For one thing, your metabolism will be in tiptop shape so you can burn those extra calories. It will also suppress your appetite so you won’t eat as much.

Some of the other added ingredients will help you with your digestive system, increase your mental stamina and brain function, and lower your blood pressure. Herbs are good for treating a lot of imbalances at once.

What’s in ActiSlim Xtreme?

All of the ingredients that make up ActiSlim Xtreme are good ones. They all provide the body with really great benefits. But what confuses us is that there are very few ingredients included that are actually known for helping someone lose weight.

Moroccan Tea Leaf contains a mild amount of caffeine. Caffeine has been clinically proven to help stimulate the metabolism and is a good weight loss supplement, but you need to have enough caffeine daily for it to be effective. There isn’t enough caffeine in this ingredient for it to make much of a difference.

Naringin is an antioxidant that is good for the digestive system and has been known to speed up the metabolism, but again, the dosage of this ingredient is so low.

Ginko Biloba, Garlic, Ginger, and Brazilian Cocoa are the ingredients that don’t have a lot to do with weight loss. They offer some other good benefits, like lowering blood pressure, helping with memory loss, and boosting the immune system, but none of these will actually help you lose weight.

Side Effects

Because this product is so mild and is just made up of herbs, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. You might experience some mild jitteriness or headaches that can come from taking caffeine, but again, the dosage is so low that you probably won’t feel anything.


ActiSlim Xtreme costs about 45 Euros. They do ship internationally, but you will have to pay extra shipping costs, and it might take a couple weeks for it to get to you.

Is it Worth it?

The bottom line is, we don’t think ActiSlim Xtreme is worth it. It may be a more safe and natural option for diet pills, but we don’t think that it will be strong enough for it to actually work.

It’s not worth the hassle if you live outside of the UK, and there are other similar products out there that will be more convenient and actually get the job done.

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