Adaprex Review

Adaprex is a weight loss aid that works to suppress your appetite and boost your energy, allowing you to power through a diet and finally get the results of your dreams.

When you first come across the Adaprex website you are left a little confused as is actually featured on the Phentramine website and is actually designed to maintain the weight loss achieved by taking Phentramine.

However the product is also open to the public as it can become a dieter’s best friend as they work for a weight loss goal they have never before been able to achieve. Let’s take a closer look inside Adaprex to see what really makes it tick and find out if it is indeed the product you have been waiting for.

How Do You Use Adaprex?

Whether or not a product is simple and easy to use can largely well, make or break it for most of us these days. Forunately Adaprex is fairly user friendly as all that is required of you is that you take one or two capsules an hour before breakfast and then again before lunch. It is recommended that you get your doses in early as the formula does contain additives that could keep you up at night.

How Does Adaprex Work?

The main active behind the Adaprex formula is Hoodia Gordonii. This is an active you have probably heard of as it has been featured in news specials across the globe and scientists and doctors begin to realize all of its hidden benefits. Unfortunately most of this products official website focuses on nothing more than providing you with links to each article written on the active in hopes of you getting drawn in due to its fame.

However, the formula is made up of more than Hoodia Gordonii and several other main active are included on the list. These actives are fairly normal and are something you would generally see in most fat burners and weight loss supplements on the market today. In other words, nothing really stands out had us leaping for joy about the prospect behind it. Another factor to consider is that these “active ingredients” are all the makers offer which could mean they are leaving out some harsh fillers we wouldn’t like to hear about.

Adaprex Customer Reviews

Unfortunately testimonials for Adaprex are just as difficult to come by as the product itself is and leaves us wondering how many users have purchased and actually been provided with a secure product they saw results from.

How Much Is Adaprex?

Adaprex fluctuates in cost depending on how many capsules you purchase, for 60 capsules it ranges about $69.00 however which, considering the directions for use isn’t even a months worth for your twice daily double dose. This high price is disheartening as there are many similar products on the market today that come with an exponentially lower price tag.

Adaprex Final Thoughts

Overall Adaprex doesn’t seem to offer much more than its competitors and is formulated by a non reputable brand, we recommend you consider a treatment that offers more peace of mind at a lower cost.

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