Adipo-X Review

Adipo-X is an all natural alternative to prescription Phentermine created by Axis Labs. Adipo-X will help you to lose more weight and get shredded! With Adipo-X¸you will get the ultimate approach to real results, and they promise that it will finally help you to achieve better benefits than ever before, burning fat, suppressing appetite, building lean muscle mass, and so much more. But does Adipo-X actually work?

Adipo-X ingredients include glucomannan(konjac root), chocamine, theobromine, caffeine, phenylethylamine, tyramine, caffeine malate, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, raspberry ketones, capsaicin(a constituent of cayenne), ginger(zingiber officinale), forskolin(Coleus forskohlii), yohimbine HCL, and bioperine.

The Truth

Adipo-X has some powerful ingredients. With Adipo-X, you get ingredients such as glucomannan for example, a natural appetite suppressant. Likewise, you get fat burners like raspberry ketones. However, unfortunately enough, the simple fact is that Adipo-X does not actually have the right amounts of these! With Adipo-X, you will only end up suffering more stimulant related side effects than anything else.

We would not recommend using Adipo-X. It does not promote any weight loss results, and it does not help you to achieve real benefits. With Adipo-X¸ there are plenty of side effects, but really nothing else. It has the right ingredients, but the wrong amounts, which is all too common. And the side effects are not quite as serious as those of Adipex for example. However, unfortunately enough, they cannot even begin to match the results. It is just a marketing ploy more than anything else, and luckily, there are far better options and even better alternatives to prescription Phentermine.

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