Adipotrol Review

Adipotrol claims that their method is “guaranteed to work, to work fast, and to produce long-term results.” Using only four ingredients and containing no stimulants, Adipotrol asserts that it can burn fat and suppress your appetite more effectively than any other pill available. While we are impressed by these bold claims, we need to analyze the ingredients in Adipotrol before we can recommend it.


Chromax takes ordinary chromium and improves it. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that 1000 mcg of Chromax reduced food intake in overweight women by as much as 365 calories per day in eight weeks. It also reduced cravings in between meals.

Glucomannan is a natural ingredient high in soluble fiber , which absorbs excess water in the body, creating a swelling in the digestive tract. This creates fullness and reduces calorie intake.

A clinical study showed that 20 overweight subjects averaged weight loss of 5.5 lbs using glucomannan over an eight-week period. Safe, natural, and effective, glucomannan is an essential ingredient for any weight loss pill.

Citrimax helps you to lose weight in three important ways:

1. Citrimax suppresses appetite. The main cause of weight gain is overeating, and Citrimax puts a stop to that, sending the body a satisfied signal a lot sooner in the food-consumption cycle.

2. Citrimax prevents the uptake of fat into the body. Citrimax blocks the fat-producing enzyme ATP-Citrate Lyase in the digestive system, thus limiting the body’s ability to convert carbs to fat.

3.Citrimax combats high cholesterol levels. It slashes LDL levels (bad cholesterol), but boosts HDL levels (good cholesterol), which promotes general health.

PinnoThin Powder – is a powerful appetite suppressant that uses pinolenic acid to produce the peptide hormone cholecystokinin (CCK). CCK is a hunger suppressant, and by stimulating this hormone in your brain naturally, you will still be able to eat all you want – you will just want to eat less.


-This product contains clinically proven and all-natural ingredients.

-It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

-It is inexpensive, costing just $49.95 for a month’s supply.


-Because it is all-natural, we there is a higher risk of an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in Adipotrol’s formula. However, with a careful inspection of Adipotrol’s label, you could easily decipher which ingredients could set off one of your unique allergies.


We would recommend trying Adipotrol. It is safe, effective, and affordable. The ingredients are few, but they are clinically proven and they appear in high concentrations. If you are interesting in losing weight safely, then there is no risk in trying Adipotrol.

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