Adipovox Review

With so many weight loss supplements fighting for consumer attention, it can be difficult for a promising new product to make a name for itself. Limited publicity and lack of consumer reviews can turn a good product into just another bottle on the shelf. However, Adipovox is a recently released weight loss supplement that has the potential to be a good addition to any weight loss regimen.

How does it work?

Although current information is limited, Adipovox claims to promote weight via appetite suppressers and metabolism boosters. Like many other weight loss supplements available, Adipovox is a powerful fat burner that targets fat in 3 ways:

• Stimulates Metabolism
• Suppresses Appetite
• Increases Lean Muscle Mass

Additionally, Adipovox contains ingredients that may even help lower cholesterol.


Natural Caffeine
Used in multiple supplements to stimulate the metabolism and burn more fat, caffeine can give you the energy you need to slim down and tone up. Caffeine is one of the most preferred stimulants on the market.

African mango
After its surprising appearance on Dr. Oz, African Mango has recently been given title of “super fruit.” Next to the Acai and Goji berry, African Mango is one of the best ingredients for helping you to lose weight. African Mango is rich in antioxidants and fiber, helping to you to rid your body of harmful toxins while promoting a feeling of satiety.

Cissus Quadrangularis
Cissus Quadrangularis is commonly used in weight loss supplements for its ability to aid in workout recovery. This unique ingredient assists in the healing and repair of muscle tissue.

Because CoQ10 is an excellent supplement for reducing blood pressure, this essential ingredient has previously been used to treat diabetes. CoQ10 can boost immunity and improve overall heart health.

Alchemila Vulgaris-This natural appetite suppressant can help reduce cravings while alleviating stomach cramps. Alchemila Vulgaris contains high levels of salicylic Acid, which can prevent heart disease and inhibit the formation of blood clots.

Olea Europaea
More commonly referred to as Olive Leaf, Olea Europea has long been used to reduce the effects of blood sugar and hypertension. This vital ingredient can increase recovery time after workouts while boosting immunity.

Additional Ingredients

• Cuminum cyminum
• Mentha longifolia
• Vitamin C
• Biotin
• Phytosome Green Tea
• Active Resveratrol

Final Thoughts

By analyzing the ingredients and dosages for safety and effectiveness, we can come to the conclusion that Adipovox has the ability to promote weight loss when used correctly. Adipovox’s formula utilizes weight loss ingredients to effectively help boost lean muscle while increasing your body’s ability to burn fat. However, it does contain high levels of Green tea and Caffeine, which can result in possible side-effects such as jitters, headaches, and even nausea, so those who are sensitive to stimulants may wish to avoid this supplement.

Adipovox is still a new product and information is limited. Although Adipovox has the potential to be a revolutionary dieting pill, we’d like to know more about Adipovox. Has it helped you to lose weight? Or is Adipovox nothing more than a carbon copy of other weight loss supplements? Let us know by leaving a review down below!

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