AdrenaLean Review

AdrenaLean advertises a groundbreaking weight loss formula designed with the best ingredients so that you can feel the difference immediately. According to AdrenaLean, it uses strong and clinically proven weight loss ingredients. AdrenaLean supposedly revs up the metabolism, allows your body to utilize stored fat for energy, and keeps you going throughout the day without the jitters. How does AdrenaLean do all of this? With just 4 ingredients according to the AdrenaLean product description.

The 4 Ingredients in AdrenaLean

AdrenaLean uses 4 basic ingredients including Caffeine anhydrous, Hoodia gordonii, Synephrine, and Yohimbine.

Some of these ingredients can be extremely powerful, with some even comparing synephrine to the once famous ephedrine. This ingredient has been used in the past to burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy at the same time, and just like the original ephedrine, it is most effective when you use at least 250mg. Created by BioRhythm, AdrenaLean only uses 20mg.

In addition, caffeine anhydrous has been clinically proven through quite a few different studies. Studies have assessed caffeine on its own and caffeine in its many other forms such as green tea, green coffee bean, ginseng, and many others. Studies continue to show that these ingredients can potentially burn more fat, again as long as the product uses at least 400mg when AdrenaLean only uses 200mg.

However, the other ingredients don’t necessarily tell the same story.

The Other 2 Ingredients in AdrenaLean

As much as we would like to hear a different story, the other 2 ingredients in AdrenaLean have never been clinically proven to promote any weight loss. Unfortunately, based on the studies that have been published so far, yohimbine and hoodia have never been clinically proven to have any weight loss effects at all.

The only thing that has been proven in some limited studies is that yohimbine is an aphrodisiac meant exclusively for men, and while more studies are needed, yohimbine may also cause some serious side effects and damage the heart.

AdrenaLean – Conclusion

AdrenaLean uses ingredients that have been studied and some that haven’t. With only 4 ingredients, you would think that AdrenaLean could provide a simple, but superior weight loss formula with clinically proven amounts, a well thought out and executed plan, etc. However, AdrenaLean does not list amounts that have been used in clinical studies, and there will always be some risk associated with AdrenaLean because of its ingredients.

You can give AdrenaLean a try, but we don’t see it being the amazing and jitter-free formula described.

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