Advocare Slim Review

Advocare SlimHave you ever heard about products that are the “first of their kind”, “the only product of this type”, etc? Well, there’s good news. Advocare Slim is the only formula with this particular blend!

Amazing right, a diet pill that is actually original! Other diet pills may fly under different names. But most popular options are based on the same ingredients: green tea, caffeine, and sometimes hoodia or reservatrol.

Advocare Slim on the other hand has caffeine. But it also has uncommon clinically proven fat burners like Super citrimax and the new age Svetol (a green coffee bean extract). Most of these ingredients are completely stimulant free, and yet ingredients like Svetol are considered to be more powerful than caffeine! And even with a blend like this, Advocare Slim advertising is still pretty basic, and we can break it down pretty easily.

Advocare Slim Burns Fat

Advocare Slim has clinically proven fat burning ingredients! It has powerful fat burners like svetol as well as the patented Super Citrimax. I doubt that Advocare Slim uses the clinically proven amounts, because Super Citrimax requires 1500mg, and it is rare to find a product that uses that amount. Advocare Slim also uses a proprietary blend, which is a way to hide the individual doses. There is no reason for anybody to hide doses unless that pill does not have the clinically proven amounts. But it is reasonable to say that Advocare Slim could use the right doses of caffeine or Svetol.

Advocare Slim Controls Appetite

Super Citrimax is a powerful fat burner. But it can also be used as a potent appetite suppressant. Again, it still requires 1500mg to promote this particular effect, meaning that it may or may not work when used in this product. But results are possible.

Advocare Slim Fights Occasional Drowsiness

This is one thing that Advocare Slim is without a doubt capable of. Caffeine increases energy even if Advocare Slim does not use the clinically proven 400mg to burn fat. It may cause jitteriness and other side effects. But even in small amounts, caffeine could enhance energy levels, therefore improving workouts.

Convenient and Portable Formula

From what I have seen in customer reviews, Advocare Slim uses small, convenient drink mixes that mix easily with water. The taste does not appeal to everyone. But it seems to please enough consumers to make the sale.


Advocare Slim uses some of the strongest weight loss ingredients currently offered, and I give Advocare Slim serious credit for the things that it does. But Advocare Slim does not have all of the details I would hope for, and I cannot wholeheartedly say that it is worth using. But it’s worth checking out.

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