Advocare ThermoPlus Review

Advocare ThermoPlus wants to be the next big thing, like the little train that could! Makers hope to be the next Iovate, the next MuscleTech (the makers of Hydroxycut), or maybe Dexatrim (before the big fall). And if you ask me, Advocare is on the right path.

The Advocare line has one product that boasts clinically proven ingredients like Svetol, and the site even posts clinical studies! And Advocare has a bunch of other not so grand products that are “best used” with other Advocare products. Most of the most popular companies are virtually identical. But what about the Advocare ThermoPlus blend?

Don’t Buy Advocare ThermoPlus if You Want Scientifically Proven Results

Advocare ThermoPlus has one clinically proven ingredient: oolong tea. Just think about it for a moment with me. How many products have you personally seen using oolong tea, or for that matter green tea (green tea and oolong tea are the same thing, oolong tea is just more fermented with more caffeine)? If you’ve been around the block, you’ve seen at least 1 or 2. But if you’re like most dieters, you’ve seen at least 20 of these “tea based” diet pills. Teas require at least 400mg, but do you really think that Advocare ThermoPlus uses 400mg? I don’t.

The other ingredients in Advocare ThermoPlus do not promote weight loss at all. I mean sage? Really? When I think of sage, I think of the tumbleweed sticking to my car every time I drive through American deserts. And as far as I’m concerned, guarana is just as bad. Guarana may come from Brazil. But every clinical study I’ve seen shows that guarana does not burn fat! And despite advertising, guarana is not actually caffeine free, it has more caffeine than a cup of coffee.

How Much is Advocare ThermoPlus Worth?

Just for kicks, we could speculate on the worth of Advocare ThermoPlus. We could take a guess at how much it costs to make Advocare ThermoPlus, and therefore how much makers would have to charge to turn a descent profit. All of the ingredients in Advocare ThermoPlus are relatively cheap, and the whole formula is worth pennies, PENNIES! By pennies, I mean that the average diet pill costs about $0.50-$1.00 to manufacture. Advocare ThermoPlus’ ingredients in these amounts could be obtained for about $0.10, maybe less.

And while I know that a lot of products are seriously marked up (the average markup is about 1000%!), that would mean that Advocare ThermoPlus should cost maybe $10.00 instead of $31.95. I think it’s pretty obvious. But what a rip off! If Advocare ThermoPlus wants to be big, the only thing that the site is missing is flashy and even tacky advertising. I’d like to see a better formula. But in this market, most consider that to be too much to ask.

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