African Mango Meltdown Review

African Mango Meltdown is primarily based on African mango, but it also has a full list of other weight loss ingredients, which it promises will help you to lose more weight in a diverse number of ways. According to African Mango Meltdown, it can boost energy, suppress appetite, burn fat, and increase metabolism at the same time with a blend of completely natural ingredients.

What is the Key Ingredient in African Mango Meltdown?

The key ingredient in African Mango Meltdown is African mango, a cousin to the common mango which is found exclusively in West Africa. Right now, you may be saying, mango doesn’t burn fat, and you would be right. However, studies have shown that as similar as these 2 fruits may be, African mango can promote clinically proven weight loss with a diverse approach.

This ingredient has been through multiple human clinical trials that show significant reductions in appetite and weight with increased metabolism and fat burning and better control of cholesterol, blood sugar, and even an obesity hormone called leptin. In fact, African mango is currently the only ingredient that has ever been proven to control leptin.

Studies show that a product only needs 150mg to promote weight loss, but 300mg seems to be more effective. African Mango Meltdown has a full 300mg of listed African mango, putting it on relatively solid ground.

What About the Other Ingredients?

African Mango Meltdown uses other clinically proven weight loss ingredients, and it does not use any proprietary blends that would hide the details. So we know exactly how much green tea, caralluma fimbriata, and razberi-k African Mango Meltdown has. African Mango Meltdown also uses the lean muscle builder guggul, and we certainly don’t discount the fat burning benefits of ingredients such as caffeine, razberi-k, and green tea.

However, based on the information provided by African Mango Meltdown, it does not actually have the clinically proven amounts of these ingredients. Green tea for example could still increase energy, and it could still provide healthy antioxidant benefits. In addition, 210mg of caffeine anhydrous could also increase energy. However, we doubt that these ingredients would contribute to the weight loss benefits of African Mango Meltdown because of the small amounts.

Final Word on African Mango Meltdown

African Mango Meltdown uses ingredients that have been through extensive clinical studies, but it only uses the clinically proven amounts of one, which is something to keep in mind. Yes, this means that African Mango Meltdown could probably help some users to lose more weight.

However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, it is important to keep in mind that African Mango Meltdown does have caffeine, and with only one clinically proven ingredient in the clinically proven amounts, it will not necessarily help everyone to lose more weight.

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