Alfahydroxy Review

Want to lose weight? Of course! That’s why you’re here.

But, what if you have some other pesky problems that simple weight loss doesn’t seem to be helping with? I’m talking about the bane of every woman’s existence… Cellulite!

What if there was a diet pill that could not only help you drop pounds, but could also target those pesky cottage cheese dimples? Alfahydroxy claims to be such a diet pill.

Alfahydroxy uses all natural ingredients to help stimulate your metabolism, so that you can burn up the fat. Even the cellulite that has taken up residence on your thighs for what seems like forever!

Alfahydroxy claims that their formula will help lower your cholesterol, help you curb your sweet tooth, and promote better digestion and elimination of fat. That means if Alfahydroxy really delivers you could be looking sleek and sexy in no time!

Let’s find out if Alfahydroxy will really do the trick.

The Alfahydroxy Ingredients

Alfahydroxy uses a long list of natural ingredients to promote a higher metabolism and weight loss:

• Vitamin B6- helps you have more energy.
• Chromium Picolinate- helps control and maintain healthy blood sugar.
• Citrus Aurantium- boost metabolism, controls hunger, and gives you energy. Apple Cider Vinegar- a natural detoxifier.
• Garcinia Cambogia- helps you burn fat.
• Uva Ursi- a natural diuretic.
• Glucomannan- supports healthy digestion and regularity, and controls appetite.
• Dandelion Root- a natural detoxifier.
• Caffeine- burns fat and increases energy.
• Guarana- increases energy.
• White Willow Bark- an anti-inflammatory. White Willow also helps minimize negative caffeine side effects.
• Coleus Forskohlii- curbs appetite.
• Cayenne Pepper- raises your metabolism.

Alfahydroxy contains some really good ingredients that have been proven to boost your metabolism, burn up fat, and lose weight. Alfahydroxy even tells us exactly how much of each ingredient we are getting.

The Alfahydroxy Truth

Alfahydroxy has some really good qualities, but Alfahydroxy also comes with some bad.

Let’s start with the good:

• Natural ingredients
• Ingredient quantities listed
• 100% refund on unopened bottles
• Partial refund on used or opened bottles
• Inexpensive ($29.99 for a 3 month supply)

Now onto the bad:

• Possible side effects due to Caffeine
• Only a partial refund for used bottles (no 100% guarantee)
• Banned from California for possible cancer and birth defect causing chemicals

Like I said, Alfahydroxy has some great things going for them, but the negative aspects might just out weight the positives. Particularly the fact that Alfahydroxy is banned from California. Of course, Alfahydroxy may be just fine, but I would be extra cautious and do a lot more research on Alfahydroxy and Alfa Vitamins before taking Alfahydroxy.

Alfahydroxy Conclusion

If you are looking to boost your metabolism, lose weight, and yes, even target that unwanted cellulite, Alfahydroxy may be able to help.

But, Alfahydroxy might not be the best or safest choice in diet pills. At the very least, Alfahydroxy warrants some more in depth investigation before you decide to take it.

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