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AllDaySlim is pretty specific about the idea that it is specifically made to speed up the process of weight loss. It simultaneously focuses on an idea of promoting relaxation and blocking carbs. However, AllDaySlim is described as being more powerful, supposedly burning fat while simultaneously helping you to feel better as a whole. It all sounds pretty simple.

AllDaySlim Has One Clinically Proven Weight Loss Ingredient

In total, AllDaySlim has one clinically proven weight loss ingredient that directly targets your fat called Assam fruit or garcinia cambogia. This one ingredient has been clinically proven to promote stimulant free fat burning results. It seems to suppress appetite, and it can definitely increase energy, but without the jitters and all of the other inconveniences. AllDaySlim has quite a few advantages you might not always think of.

The Other Ingredients

Technically, AllDaySlim does put a lot of focus on things like natural relaxation and better sleep. Granted, both of these do have a certain impact on weight loss, and studies have shown that people who get more sleep tend to weigh less, so why not. The other ingredients in AllDaySlim definitely promote some health benefits, acting as healthy antioxidants, proteins, and other nutritional sources. However, it may take some time to see the results of these particular parts.

AllDaySlim: Pros

• Assam fruit acts as a stimulant free fat burner
• Only requires one pill a day
• Seems to work according to consumer reviews
• Has a 30 day money back guarantee

AllDaySlim: Cons

• Only has one clinically proven weight loss ingredient
• Expensive for what you get at $70 a bottle


AllDaySlim uses ingredients that may not seem like the strongest weight loss ingredients at first glance. It has one ingredient that has been proven, but manufacturers put it under a different name. AllDaySlim has enough to promote clinically proven weight loss, all you need is one. We would just like to see a more comprehensive approach.

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