Alli Review

Alli is the first over the counter diet supplement to also qualify itself as being FDA approved. With Alli¸ you will finally be able to get prescription grade results without the prescription. And Alli is approved for long term use! With Alli, they stress that you will be able to make a lifestyle change and learn healthier habits. It is meant to give you 50% more weight loss than diet and exercise alone! With Alli, you will finally be able to avoid many common side effects of prescriptions while getting a formula clinically proven to be effective over so many natural diet pills that they say are not clinically proven. They aren’t wrong. Most over the counter pills don’t use what it takes to promote clinically proven results. But this is not to say that the clinical studies don’t exist.

Alli ingredients include orlistat.

Alli – The Truth

Orlistat is actually a prescription medication called Xenical. Alli simply uses about half of the prescription dosage of Orlistat to do the job. Clinical studies were conducted on the prescription doses of orlistat. Now these studies were sketchy. Many prescription studies are, especially considering the last studies on Phentermine were in the 1950’s. But with this in mind, they say that it will promote weight loss. The studies on Orlistat showed about a 5-10% decrease in weight, not fat, in a year. If you’ve ever watched the biggest loser, obviously, they are using extreme methods. But we have seen them lose 5-10% of their body weight in 1-2 weeks! For the average person on a healthy diet, you should be losing that in maybe 1-2 months. So it seems that Alli would actually slow weight loss progress down! And this is not even delving into the adult diapers, diarrhea, orange spots, and various other problems with Alli.

Alli – Conclusion

We would not recommend using Alli. It does not help you to lose weight, and it does not help you to achieve any other results. With Alli, you will just end up wasting more time and money. It will actually cause you to lose less weight, in part because you are losing the good fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins that your body needs to function and lose weight! You are actually doing your body and not just your bowels, a major disservice. With Alli, you will not actually lose any weight, and frankly, it’s like gastric bypass in all of the vitamin deficiencies and other problems it could possibly cause.

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