Amfedrine Review

Amfedrine is the all natural diet pill meant to accelerate your weight loss results with just 3 pills! You will get lightning fast results, and Amfedrine will help you to lose more weight than ever before. With Amfedrine, you will finally be able to get the power of South African hoodia gordonii combined with things like green tea and other valid weight loss and fat burning ingredients. Amfedrine is made to help you to burn fat and suppress appetite at the same time for double the effectiveness, and with Amfedrine¸ you will get the ultimate solution to all of your needs. They say that Amfedrine is completely side effect free. But their main focus is on hoodia, which they claim is all that you could hope for. It is the miracle ingredient after all, the one that keeps South African bushmen in the Kalahari desert from getting fat or gaining any weight! It has nothing to do with diet.

Amfedrine ingredients include South African hoodia gordonii extract, chromium picolinate, green tea extract, and natural caffeine.

The Truth

Amfedrine does have a number of valid ingredients. We all know that green tea has been proven through hundreds of valid clinical studies to promote weight loss. Likewise, they have other ingredients such as natural caffeine, which can also promote fat burning. However, one should keep in mind these major ingredients do come with some caffeine related side effects! Moreover, the fact is that hoodia does not promote weight loss. Actually, hoodia has been clinically proven to have no known benefits including appetite suppression! You cannot even export it from South Africa. So this signature ingredient is nothing more than a knock off at best! So obviously enough, Amfedrine will not promote any weight loss results.

We would not recommend bothering with Amfedrine. It will not help you to lose weight, and it does not help you to achieve any real results. With Amfedrine, you will only be wasting more time and money, and frankly, there are more caffeine side effects than anything else. So without question, we would recommend looking into other options. There are options with stimulants like green tea that actually promote clinically proven results. Likewise, there are also stimulant free formulas that contain real appetite suppressants like glucomannan instead of the hoodia scam. So obviously, there is no lack of real options when it comes to weight loss products outside of Amfedrine.

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