Apidexin PM Review

Apidexin PM takes a new approach to weight loss, promising to help you to literally lose weight as you sleep. Apidexin PM promises both better and more peaceful sleep and increased fat burning, reduced hunger, and visible weight loss that you can see within just a few days. Apidexin PM claims to provide everything from clinically proven ingredients to patented and patent pending ingredients.

What Are These Ingredients?

Apidexin PM provides a formula that focuses on 2 separate sub-blends. It has a blend of 2 ingredients: chromium and Irvingia gabonensis, to help you to lose weight, and it has a blend of natural sleep aids to help you to relax, wind down, and get better, more restful sleep to wake up refreshed and ready to go.

Sleep inducing ingredients like melatonin and valerian root have been through extensive studies. In fact, these studies have shown that HOPS and valerian root specifically are more effective when combined. These natural ingredients can help you to get better sleep without the side effects and grogginess that you may associate with prescriptions. For many of us though, it’s the weight loss ingredients we want to know about.

Irvingia Gabonensis & Chromium

Apidexin PM uses a blend of Irvingia gabonensis (African mango) and Chromium, both of which have been used in plenty of diet pills before. These ingredients are both completely stimulant free, and African mango in particular has been through hundreds of studies that show that it can promote a potentially strong fat burning, appetite suppressing, and otherwise weight loss effect.

With only 150mg, African mango can promote a diverse weight loss effect on its own. However, chromium adds an easy way to control blood sugar, which can also make it easier to control cravings for sugars, carbs, and other foods that might prevent you from losing weight as effectively.

Our Thoughts on Apidexin PM

Apidexin PM uses plenty of clinically proven sleep aids, and it uses 2 natural, stimulant-free, and clinically tested weight loss ingredients. The company behind Apidexin PM has been long known for its stellar reputation, and Apidexin PM is just another example of the well-developed products they have put out.

However, having only 2 weight loss ingredients, we have found one product that is similar, but we find that it has higher ratings and it seems to have a stronger approach specifically to weight loss. AmbiSlim PM is also made to help you to lose more weight as you sleep, and with more weight loss ingredients that are still stimulant-free, some Apidexin PM users have switched over to using AmbiSlim PM before.

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