Apoleia360 Review

Are you satisfied with your figure? Are you seeing results from your current diet and exercise plan? If your answer was no, it’s time to pump up your routine and add a diet pill to your weight loss program. A quality diet pill can help your body burn more fat and calories than diet and exercise alone. The trick is finding one that is safe, effective, and fits your specific needs.

The weight loss formula in Apoleia360 claims to be powerful and do several things to promote fat burning and a healthier weight. Apoleia360 claims to: reduce your body mass index, increase energy, suppress appetite, and help you lose more weight faster. Each bottle of Apoleia360 comes with 90 capsules and should last about thirty days. You should take Apoleia360 with a full glass of water, three times a day, before each meal.

In a six week study “test subjects lost an average of 14.50 lbs. vs 1.53 lbs. for the placebo group. Subjects using Apoleia360 noted increase in energy, loss of appetite, and significant reduction in BMI. During the study both group followed strict calorie-reduced diet.” These are great results, but I have to wonder what the “strict calorie-reduced diet” consisted of. Were they eating nothing but celery and water? It’s hard to tell if these results will be typical without knowing what kind of restricted calorie intake test subjects were consuming.

Apoleia360 contains a proprietary blend of ingredients which include: piper nigrum, black tea, green tea, cocoa nut, kola nut, panax ginseng, and yerbal mate. Apoleia360 is for adult use only and should be kept out of reach from children and pets.

The Truth

A single bottle of Apoleia360 is $19.99. If you buy three bottles, you get the fourth free or you can sign up for the Apoleia360 VIP program, where you will automatically be billed and shipped a new bottle every thirty days. The benefit of the VIP program is that you get free shipping and a 20% discount on your order. The official site says you can cancel this program at any time, but use caution as this is rarely the case.

The official site also states they have a lifetime guarantee! A 100% satisfaction guarantee! However, upon further inspection this only applies to unopened bottles of Apoleia360. So if you try this product to see if it works for you and it doesn’t, too bad! You can’t get your money back because the bottle is opened. This policy makes no sense at all, and Apoleia360 might as well not even offer a guarantee.

There are thousands of diet pills on the market today. Many of them are also clinically proven, reasonably priced, but they use more potent weight loss ingredients and offer an actual satisfaction guarantee. If I were you, I would look elsewhere before spending your money on Apoleia360.

If you’ve used Apoleia360, tell us about your experience. You can leave your feedback in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading! Look around our site to see additional product reviews.

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DON'T fall for "Free-Trial" scams

DON'T sign up for auto ship programs

DON'T buy diet pills without a guarantee

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