Arson Explosion Stix Review

Arson Explosion Stix

Coming from the makers of the original Arson, an extremely popular diet pill of its day, Arson Explosion Stix have attempted to give you the same power and popularity in a simple and easy to carry drink mix.

These can fit in your purse or even your back pocket, and they promise that, Arson Explosion Stix will give you explosive and revolutionary weight loss results.

It will help you to get the white hot thermogenic properties that you are looking for. And apparently, it will eliminate excess fat deposits, finally making it easy and simple to lose weight!

Arson Explosion Stix will transform your body, and you will never find anything better. But does the Arson Explosion Stix formula actually work?

Arson Explosion Stix ingredients include caffeine anhydrous, inosine anhydrous, l-histidine, taurine, l-carnitine, muira puama, yohimbine extract, l-glutamine, l-ornithine HCL, gamma oryzanol, phytosterol, alfalfa, amylase, and DL malic acid.

The Truth

Arson Explosion Stix is much like the original Arson formula. It does not have any valid ingredients that would actually promote weight loss results. It does not burn fat, suppress appetite, or anything else, and its results are certainly far from being “explosive” as they put it.

They do have some fat burners. But Arson Explosion Stix does not actually have the clinically proven amounts of any of these ingredients. So you are not actually going to see any given results.

Final Word

Arson Explosion Stix does not have what it takes. We would not recommend using it. It has plenty of ingredients that have nothing to do with weight loss results and few that do have any relation to it.

With this in mind, the fact is that ingredients like yohimbine are not related to weight loss, but can cause serious side effects. Side effects of yohimbine could include heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and kidney damage.

Outside of that, they have a few caffeine based ingredients meant to promote weight loss. But they do not actually bother using the clinically proven amounts. So there are absolutely no results to offset this imbalance.

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