Atkins Diet Review

Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet is one of the industry’s most popular diets or best known rather. It has lost quite a bit of its popularity to other similar diets like the South Beach Diet.

At first, the Atkins Diet sounded appealing to many. It talked about not having to count calories, being able to eat steak and other fatty foods all you want, and losing amazing amounts of weight. People lost astounding amounts of weight, even 50 or 100 pounds within just a short period of time, and it had a great success rate.

It was created by one Dr Atkins, who actually used it for his own supposed weight loss success. It didn’t take away many of the foods people thought they loved, and how could it get any easier.

Atkins Diet used a low carb diet and has modified it now to be more applicable to everyday life long into the future, bringing small amounts of carbs back into an everyday diet. The idea is to cut out most if not all carbs from the diet so that your body can get directly to burning more fat and protein calories.

The Truth

Atkins Diet promotes fast weight loss. That is undeniable. But that happens whenever you cut out any one major food group. Vegetarians also lose weight. But they can still get the benefits of protein in non animal sources.

With Atkins Diet, you will find that people lost the weight only to gain it back later on. They started eating carbs again, and many gained it back just as quickly if not faster. Now there were serious health concerns with the Atkins Diet. Dr Atkins claimed it to be safe.

But cutting out most major food groups is not healthy. Protein, not meat would be considered a food group just in case you are wondering. But the important thing is that, Dr Atkins, before his death from a supposed slip on the ice, I suspect it was heart disease, was the only doctor that recommended this diet discounting the fact that a high fat diet like this could lead to serious problems with just that, heart disease.

They never focused on lean meats, which are healthier, they cut out most fruits and vegetables, and all in all, it was never actually a good approach.


Atkins Diet appealed to those who wanted immediate gratification, instant results. They appealed to the average American, who is extremely impatient and sometimes impractical.

But dieters quickly found out that it wasn’t worth it. They couldn’t eat cakes, pizzas, or their other favorite foods, and it became extremely unhealthy to say the least. And with the Atkins Diet, it never focused on health, just extreme fad dieting.

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