Avesil Review


Avesil is an all-natural formula made to give you the best and most amazing weight loss results possible. With Avesil, you will go beyond the regular boundaries, effectively maximizing any possible weight loss results, or so manufacturers say.

Supposedly this diet pill does it all, helping you to lose weight, reduce appetite, burn fat fast, and boost energy at the same time!

Advertisements make this formula out to be a doctor-recommend diet pill that will enable you to start living healthy today, and some even go so far as to say that this advanced new formula has far exceeded all previous expectations.

But how does Avesil actually work?

Avesil Ingredients

Avesil ingredients include calcium, chromium, potassium, garcinia cambogia, green tea, and caffeine anhydrous.

avesil supplement factsWhen used effectively, chromium may be able to keep glucose levels in check, keeping the spike in insulin and the subsequent drop from being as severe whenever you eat food. Some say that this may be able to decrease appetite and make it easier for you to cut back on calories.

Garcinia Cambogia, on the other hand, shows promise when it comes to inhibiting the storage of fat in animals, but it is unproven in human trials and the full effects of this ingredient are unknown.

Fortunately, Avesil also offers Green Tea and Caffeine Anhydrous, both of which can stimulate thermogenesis and help you burn fat. By interacting with the central nervous system, these two ingredients may be just what you need to lose weight.

Out of all the ingredients listed on the website, I’m betting that it’s the green tea and the caffeine that does a good majority of the work.

Is Avesil Safe?

One of the great things about Avesil is that it doesn’t contain any dangerous compounds such as ephedra, ephedrine, etc. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee its overall safety.

When taking Avesil, many consumers complained of the following side effects: dizziness, jitters, irritability, headaches, insomnia, and nausea.

Dosing Information

Manufacturers recommend taking 1 capsule twice a day, 30 minutes before meals. However, consumers recommend that you start with just a single capsule of Avesil to start off with, and then wait to see how your body responds to the ingredients. If you can tolerate the first dose, then feel free to take the full recommended dosage.

However, if you miss a dose, do not take extra Avesil to make up for it, as it can significantly increase your risk for negative side effects.

Ordering Avesil

You can order Avesil online from Avesil.com for nearly $89.95 a bottle – which is ridiculously expensive considering the fact that you’re only getting a few ingredients for weight loss in a small proprietary blend. Consequently, you’ll probably want to shop around first, and see what sites such as Amazon.com have to offer. I managed to find a seller on Amazon that sold it for $53 a bottle, but even then, I think the price was too high to be worth the investment.

Free Trial Offers: If you want to try Avesil for free, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial offer. However, you’ll want to read the fine print before agreeing to their terms.

Avesil manufacturers state that if you don’t cancel your trial run of Avesil within that time frame, you will automatically be charged the “discounted” price of $89.95. Additionally, you’ll be looped into an autoship program that will continually charge you every 30 days the same amount.

While manufacturers point out that you can cancel this charge anytime, I’m always warn consumers to exercise caution before giving into this kind of agreement – as more often than not, it’s a scam out that repeatedly charges your credit card. While Avesil seems to be a reliable company that responds quickly to customer complaints, I’m a little hesitant to recommend them because of this setup.

One consumer pointed out that, “Avesil has bad service. They are liars and bill for no reason. This is horrible customer service. By mistake, I didn’t cancel within my trial period. Okay, my fault. I called and I told them I didn’t want the product anymore and the lady said it was fine. Well, 2 weeks later, they charged me the $95.90 again! When I just called them, the guy said that there is no record of me calling, therefore, they can’t refund my money. What! Besides all that, they are rude, expensive and the product doesn’t even work! I guess that’s why they offer no refunds! Stay away!”

And another warned, “they would not work with me at all and were extremely rude about the whole thing. I was disconnected at least 6 times during the call and had to talk to 4 different people, none of them would listen to my situation or offer to help in any way.

Of course, it’s possible that these consumers were just angry with their results and wanted to bash on the company, but with over 21 complaints (on a single site, there are countless more on other reviews sites), I’d definitely think that you’d be better off buying Avesil from a different distributor.

Does Avesil Work?

Avesil has quite a bit of advertising hype – but that’s about it. Avesil is just another common product, and there are plenty just like it. The ingredients are not new or in especially impressive concentrations, and the consumer feedback is disappointingly low.

While Avesil definitely has the potential to help you lose a little weight, the price and the undisclosed ingredient information make it seem like it’s not worth the investment.

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