Awesome Green Tea Review

awesome green tea

Sold exclusively on a site called, Awesome GreenTea focuses on the fact that green tea has been used by the Chinese for 4000 years, and more recently, scientists have put it through hundreds of different studies. And of course, it promises massive amounts to burn fat faster, increase natural immune function, and fight the aging process with plenty of antioxidant content and pure green tea with no fillers.

And in certain ways, it is pretty powerful. Awesome GreenTea lists a pretty impressive 1500mg of pure green tea, which is pretty much unheard of in a market where most products use maybe 200mg if you’re lucky (green tea requires at least 400mg). This is not to say that we don’t have our concerns about a product that uses that much caffeine. But it’s pretty impressive right off the bat. It’s all a fine balance.

What Are the Benefits?

Green tea has its benefits, and most of us have a fair idea of what those are. Green tea has been marketed time and time again as a fat burner, and it has plenty of healthy antioxidant benefits at the same time. We’ve seen all of the news reports. But we pay more attention to the many different clinical studies that have popped up.

The clinical studies we’ve seen definitely prove several times over that Awesome GreenTea has benefits that range from fat burning to skin benefits to lower cholesterol levels. And as it turns out, 1500mg of green tea is more than enough to burn fat and increase metabolism. But Awesome GreenTea isn’t necessarily perfect.

Why You Might Not Buy Awesome GreenTea

The biggest problem some people might have with Awesome GreenTea is the fact that it has so much caffeine. Obviously, you need a certain amount of caffeine to burn fat. But at the same point in time, you will find that caffeine does come with side effects, even in considerably smaller amounts. If you drink caffeine on a regular basis, you might not even notice the difference with some products, though 1500mg is a pretty high amount. But if you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to think twice.

Conclusion on Awesome GreenTea

Awesome GreenTea has one and only one ingredient. And we can definitely say that Awesome GreenTea has tons of green tea, more than enough to promote weight loss. Like any other green tea or caffeine based product, we will tell you that it is not necessarily for people who are for example sensitive to caffeine. But in this case, we can safely say that it’s an option for those who aren’t. There are plenty of caffeine free options that work, and there are even products with green tea that also use other ingredients to be more effective. Awesome GreenTea isn’t necessarily the best option ever created, just an option that you can consider.

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