Barry’s Bootcamp Review

Barry’s Bootcamp is the ultimate workout program allowing you to turn flab into fab!

It will help you to burn more fat, build more muscle, and achieve better resutls!

With Barry’s Bootcamp, you will find yourself burning more fat, suppressing appetite, and achieving far better results. You will actively compete with programs like P90X for a much cheaper price!

Barry’s Bootcamp has select celebrity trainers on each video! And it will help you to get professional and nothing short of amazing results. With Barry’s Bootcamp, you will finally take control of your own life and lifestyle. And you will finally be able to amp up your natural energy levels, get through your day, and look great while doing it.

But what does Barry’s Bootcamp actually do?

Barry’s Bootcamp videos include full body, butt and legs, chest and abs, shoulder and back, and arms and legs.

The Truth

When it comes to Barry’s Bootcamp, they find that you are going to get some serious results if you use the workouts regularly enough. Yes, they have a video for every part of the body, and it can actually give you cardio and toning in one.

But there is no way to really target areas of fat, which is something that they fail to mention to you. They want you to think that it will achieve amazing benefits and results. But frankly speaking, it does not even come close to beating out P90X, and all of the celebrity endorsements are just meant to get you to pay more for a product that you should never pay that much for.

Barry’s Bootcamp is vastly overpriced at best, and there are quite a few other things wrong with it. Yes, it will work. But why not get cheaper results? And frankly, it’s an exercise program.

For that amount of money, you could actually hire a personal trainer!


We would not recommend using Barry’s Bootcamp. It’s not that it cannot be an effective product.

This workout program can be potentially quite effective. The problem is that they seem to give you more videos to get more money when really you should only need one, and they don’t even begin to compete on the levels that they talk about!

They rely more on celebrity endorsements and trainers than a superior workout effect. In truth, if you are going to take this route, it’s not a bad one.

But if you are going to spend this kind of money, you may as well get your money’s worth by going to a good personal trainer instead.

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