Beast Anabolic Activator Review

An oral spray specifically designed to naturally increase your body’s HGH levels, Beast Anabolic Activator will help you to increase muscle mass and strength through homeopathic means.

Beast Anabolic Activator is natural, safe, and it is comprised of 24 all natural and powerful ingredients.

You simply need use 3 sprays below the tongue, and it will help you to gain these anabolic results when used 3 times daily, approximately 30 minutes before meals.

So how does Beast Anabolic Activator actually work?

Beast Anabolic Activator ingredients include: Somatotrophine (6C), Gonado Stimuline (6C), Chorionic Gonadotrophine (6C), Folliculostimuline (6C), Adrenocorticotrophine (9C), Thyroidinum (6C), Adrenalinum (6C), Progesterone (9C), Orchitinum (6C), Dopamine (6C), Acetylcholine (6C), RNA (6C), DNA (6C), ATP (6C), Leucine (4C), Isoleucine (4C), Valine (4C), Glutamine (4C), Estrone (12C), Estradiol (12C), Cortisone (12C), Saw Palmetto (3C), Tribuluis Terrestris (3C), Insulinum (6C), in 20% USP Alcohol.

The Truth

Beast Anabolic Activator has interesting and largely unrecognizable ingredients. It has some that have the potential to work.

For example, tribulus terrestis has been known to build lean muscle mass by boosting natural testosterone levels. Likewise, glutamine is one of the most powerful amino acids that the industry has yet seen.

However, all of this is null and void. While the other ingredients nobody actually recognizes could be dangerous, homeopathy negates any possible effects, good or bad, of any given ingredients.

Homeopathy takes a drop of any given ingredient, puts it into 100 drops of water. Then they take 1 drop out of that vat of water, place it in another 100 drops of water, and repeat this over and over until in all likelihood, all you are getting is water.


We would not recommend using Beast Anabolic Activator. When you use a spray, you are going to lose most of any given ingredient in the air between your mouth and the bottle.

But like most sprays, they use homeopathy, which means that in all likelihood, it’s just water anyway! The question is why wouldn’t you just use your own spray bottle and do it for free? You would lose just as much if not more weight if you’re actually drinking more water.

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