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Beauty Bum is an anti-cellulite cream that is manufactured and marketed by BeautyFit as an answer to weight loss and body image problems.


Anti-cellulite creams surfaced a few years ago as both a way to smooth unsightly cellulite and to get rid of fat in the spots that you would like rather than waiting for the all over effects of diet and exercise.


Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is actually not an effect of having too much fat in any certain place. In fact, skinny people can have cellulite just as often as those who are overweight.

This is because cellulite is caused by skin that is thin over any area with even the smallest layer of fat. This is why women, who generally have thinner skin than men, often complain of cellulite more than their male counterparts.

For this reason, cellulite has become one of the blights of many swimsuit seasons; and many people have become desperate in their search for relief. Then products like Beauty Bum appeared on the market, appealing to this sense of despair.


The main ingredients in Beauty Bum are essentially stimulants that work as diuretics. Ingredients like gurarana extract, eleuthero root, green tea extract, yerba mate leaf and caffeine all work to dehydrate your skin.

This dehydration will make your skin temporarily look and feel tighter than before. This tautness will make the lumpy fat cells underneath your skin harder to see and appear to get rid of your cellulite problems.

Our Opinion

Although this might sound miraculous, stay with us for a little longer before you rush deliver your order of Beauty Bum.

Even the best anti-cellulite cream can only get rid of your cellulite temporarily. And we mean really temporarily. Most products only work for an hour, at best, before your body successfully restores the equilibrium of water in your cells.

Because it can’t work in the long run, we don’t recommend buying Beauty Bum. Instead, work to build more muscle so that your fat will be dispersed more evenly rather than in clumps underneath your skin.

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    I’ve used every diet pill out there and the only one that has been effective is orlsatit or ALLI as it is more commonly known it works in the digestive sysytem it blocks fat from food from being absorbed into ur body they are rather inexpensive take one with every meal you do need to have access to a bathroom they make you digest very fast hehe

    January 5, 2013 at 11:25 pm

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