BeautyBurn AM-PM Review

BeautyBurn AM-PM is a set of dual action weight loss formulas that address your fat burning problems day and night. BeautyBurn AM-PM promises to reduce body fat by increasing metabolism, suppressing appetite, and helping you to sleep restfully at the same time so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go in the morning for a beautiful you from all angles. According to the site, BeautyBurn AM-PM has a few key benefits.

Efficient Weight Loss

BeautyBurn AM-PM uses 2 blends of ingredients, which you would think would have enough ingredients to promote “efficient weight loss” by increasing thermogenesis and lipolytic fat burning. As it turns out, at the very least, the daytime formula has green tea. Green tea has literally been through hundreds of clinical studies on weight loss, as has eleuthero, which is another name for ginseng, another ingredient found in BeautyBurn AM-PM’s daytime formula.

However, the nighttime formula does not have the same fat burners, nor does the nighttime formula have any other direct way to burn fat. The nighttime formula has other benefits though.

Sustained All Day Energy

Caffeine seems like the obvious way to increase your natural energy levels, but sleep and the quality thereof also plays a natural part in your energy levels. Better sleep allows you to wake up refreshed and ready to go, and BeautyBurn AM-PM does not have any stimulants that would disrupt your sleep in their nighttime formula. However, as ironic as it may seem, it does not have any sleep aids either.

Reduced Water Retention

This is one of the simplest ways to lose weight. In this case, the BeautyBurn AM formula definitely has an ingredient to get this done quickly and effectively, using uva ursi, a strong and natural diuretic. It can cause some side effects, and if you’re not careful, you can easily regain any weight lost with this ingredient. It is not meant to be the main approach.

Suppresses Hunger

BeautyBurn AM-PM specifies that it suppresses nighttime hunger, but most don’t eat too late at night because they are hungry. Most dieters eat late at night because of friends or family, boredom, or some other reason that has nothing to do with hunger. However, BeautyBurn AM-PM’s daytime formula does have some appetite suppressants.

What Does the Nighttime Formula Do?

So far we have established that the nighttime formula does not have fat burners, appetite suppressants, or for that matter sleep aids. Why would you want to use the nighttime formula?

BeautyBurn PM has unique amino acids and other lean muscle building ingredients that you will not find in the AM formula. These lean muscle builders are completely stimulant free, improving body composition. In addition, lean muscle builders naturally increase metabolism, making it easier for you to keep the weight off once you have lost it. In fact, it seems only natural that these ingredients should be in the nighttime formula where they do their best. The body is already trying to repair itself, these lean muscle builders just add to that.

The Whole Approach

BeautyBurn AM-PM uses ingredients that make sense together. It uses plenty of different approaches to weight loss, but interestingly enough, no sleep aids. We aren’t exactly sure about the reasons behind BeautyBurn AM-PM using 2 separate formulas to cover what could be found in just one simple diet pill.

However, our biggest concern with BeautyBurn AM-PM is the fact that it uses 2 proprietary blends to account for its ingredients. These proprietary blends do not necessarily provide the clinically proven amounts of any one of the ingredients used, let alone all of the ingredients. However, even with that in mind, we leave this up to you.

BeautyBurn AM-PM has clinically proven ingredients, and for some, it may have sufficient amounts in its formulas to encourage healthy weight loss.

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