BeautySlender Review

BeautySlender is a stimulant free diet pill advertised as a natural way to burn fat, reshape your problem areas, and improve your cholesterol and heart health at the same time. According to BeautySlender, it uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you get the most complete benefits every time. In addition to this, BeautySlender, by virtue of its name and advertising, promises improved hair, skin, and nail for a complete beauty supplement as well.

Is BeautySlender Effective?

Let’s get straight to the big question: is BeautySlender effective? While BeautySlender sounds like a heavy hitter, promising to reduce sugar cravings, burn fat, improve skin, hair, and nails, improve heart health, and even improve immunity. In some ways, we could see why the answer might be yes.

BeautySlender has good fatty acids that moisturize the skin and hair to improve hair, skin, and nail health without making the skin and hair greasy. Therefore, BeautySlender could logically improve beauty. In addition, good fatty acids have been tested and proven time and time again as heart health supplements, therefore BeautySlender could logically improve cholesterol and heart health.

However, none of these ingredients have been positively proven to promote weight loss or even support healthy muscle growth. These are good fatty acids, not powerful fat burners. Some studies suggest that the right infusion of good fatty acids could help to fight cravings for blood sugar by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, but this does not mean that you will lose weight.

Most blood sugar controllers have a mix of both positive and negative studies when it comes to weight loss, mostly depending on the lifestyle habits of the study subjects. More specifically, athletes tend to fare better than the obese in these studies.

Long Term Benefits

In the long term, we’re sure that the cholesterol lowering benefits of good fatty acids may stick, with the right diet and exercise program of course. In addition, we find that regular use of these good fatty acids generally keeps the skin and hair in good shape. However, you can’t really maintain weight loss benefits that never were.

Overall Value

BeautySlender uses ingredients that seem to be very healthy. It is just not necessarily the fat burner that BeautySlender describes. In certain ways, we can see why people would buy BeautySlender, it is healthy and it has plenty of heart and body healthy antioxidants too.

If you are looking for a diet pill though, we would suggest that you look into other alternatives that have stronger clinical evidence to back those ingredients up. However, based on our experience with BeautySlender and what we have seen of consumer experiences, we would like to hear from you. If you have used BeautySlender, please let us know what you thought, good or bad.

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