Belly Mud Review

Belly Mud talks about real results without any side effects. They say that Belly Mud is “amazing for belly fat, loose stomach skin, and other similar areas using advanced but natural based ingredients.” They use a proprietary blend for fast weight loss, reducing inches at the same time. And they promise to target even the toughest belly fat. Belly Mud promotes biotechnology and clinically proven scientific research that works.

And they say that by detoxifying from an external approach, Belly Mud does not cause diarrhea, upset stomach, or any other major side effects.

Belly Mud ingredients include Deep sea mud, LipoCare, Matrixyl peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Omega blend.

The Truth

Belly Mud uses a blend of all natural ingredients with certain purpose. They are all, as far as we can tell, external ingredients. LipoCare is the exception. We have not found any official information about LipoCare. It seems that it may very well be made up.

Outside of that, they have ingredients like hyaluronic acid and omega blend. Omega blend is a combination that could include any number of ingredients. But like hyaluronic acid, most of those ingredients are known for their moisturizing benefits. Deep sea mud is known for some detoxifying benefits. But this has never been clinically proven.

What you may have noticed is that among all of these ingredients, there is not even one clinically proven fat burner. They don’t have any appetite suppressants. And there is nothing we know of that is clinically proven to target any one area of fat, including belly fat. If anything, if they use wraps in the traditional sense, it will eliminate water weight much like a diuretic.


Any results achieved with Belly Mud are either explained as a fluke, or it is only temporary water weight. But even those results are highly unlikely. With Belly Mud, there are side effects, mostly related to the skin. But there are no weight loss results, let alone the magic bullet like results that they currently describe.

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