Benefits of African Mango

pros and cons of african mango

“It’s a miracle in your cabinet.”

“It’s just another scam, like the Acai.”

“It will help you lose weight!”

“It doesn’t work.”

If you’re in the market for a new weight loss pill, chances are likely that you’ve stumbled across these phrases regarding African Mango. This fiber-rich extract is one of the most popularly used and discussed weight loss ingredients since the Acai berry, due to its recent endorsement from Dr. Oz.

Obviously there is a lot of confusion about whether or not African Mango, a newly dubbed “super fruit”, can really live up to outrageous weight loss claims or if it’s simply the next big thing in the weight loss industry, a fad that will fade over time.

In order to help you make the decision yourself, we’ve researched and compiled information about African Mango that will give you the ins and outs of this “king of all fruits.”

About African Mango

For those of you who were wondering ‘what is African mango?‘, this bush fruit is is similar in size and appearance to a regular mango. African mango has been used for years by the native population of Cameroon, Africa. Like regular mango, African Mangos can be used as a digestive aid due to its antimicrobial and analgesic properties.

Scientists have been studying this fruit for over 20 years, analyzing its potential as a supplement, but only recently has the African Mango been used as the main ingredient in weight loss products. Due to its exotic location, its high levels of antioxidants and fiber, as well as its appearance on television, African Mango has taken the market by storm, resulting in a flood of consumers dying to try this “miracle fruit.”

Benefits of African Mango

Despite the excessive hype about this fruit, African Mango does surprisingly well at holding its own when it comes to weight loss and other medical ailments. Although this fruit is not god’s answer to the world’s problems, it does provide a wide variety of health benefits that make the extract of this fruit a useful ingredient to have on hand.

It Suppresses Appetite
Many weight loss ingredients depend primarily on two methods for burning fat: eating fewer calories and burning more calories than consumed. Fortunately, African Mango can help consumers do both.

Unlike many other helpful fruits, African Mango’s most valuable properties can be found in its seed not the actual fruit. This seed is rich in fiber, which gives you bulk without the bulge. African Mango extract will delay digestion so you not only feel fuller for longer periods of time (and eat fewer calories) but it allows for better absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you need to stay healthy.

pros and cons of african mangoAccording to Leslie Bonci, a Dietician at UPMC:

“When you have something that is staying in the gut for a long period of time, you feel fuller for longer. So, there is that potential that somebody might eat less over the course of the day because they’re not as hungry.”

Additionally, African mango has shown a unique ability to control the hormone leptin, which is often associated with obesity. This hormone regulates feelings of satiety, letting your brain know when your stomach is full.

Reduced levels of leptin will result in those incontrollable cravings that are so often the stumbling block for many dieters.

It Boosts Metabolism
In order burn more calories than you consume, it’s essential to have a healthy metabolism. Many weight loss supplements rely heavily on stimulants such as caffeine or green tea to send your body into an agitated state, giving the initial boost of energy to start losing weight. However, African Mango is a natural way to boost your calorie burning fires.

African mango can speed the metabolism of fat by increasing the hormone adiponectin, a protein that regulates many metabolic processes, including the regulation of glucose and fatty acids. By keeping your blood sugar in check, your body is more likely to burn fat for energy, helping you to lose weight safely and effectively.

The Cons of African Mango

As you can see, African Mango is definitely impressive when it comes to targeting those stubborn fat stores. On the other hand, it isn’t as perfect as many dieters would have hoped. Though it definitely packs a punch in the fight against weight loss, African Mango does come with a few limitations and flaws that may make you hesitant to purchase the product.

Available in Extract Form
Part of African Mango’s appeal is its exotic and rare nature, much like the Acai. Because African Mango only grows in the far reaches of Cameroon, this healthy little fruit is difficult to come by in your regular grocery store. If you’re looking to buy it fresh like a regular mango, you’re not going to find it squeezed between the peaches and pears in your local produce section.

Because African Mango is only found in extract form, many manufacturers use its limited availability to their advantage. A huge line of products often advertise African Mango on their labels, only to contain miniscule amounts of the supplement and making it essentially ineffective but still sellable in name.

Clinical studies have shown that 2 doses of 150mg daily of African Mango are needed to produce weight loss results. Anything less than that dosage isn’t worth your time or money.

Very few supplements available today come without some form of side-effect or other. Even this natural weight loss ingredient has a few unpleasant side-effects due to its high fiber content. Side effects include the following:

• Flatulence (common to detoxing)
• Headaches (caused by a drop in calorie intake and not enough water)
• Insomnia (the increased energy may cause difficulty sleeping)
• Dizziness (common to dieting)

Of course, many of these side effects can be attributed to the reduced calorie intake and not necessarily the fruit itself. Nonetheless, it’s always a good practice to exercise caution before launching into any new health regimen, even one as safe as African Mango.

Final Thoughts


Despite the ever-increasing amount of hype about African Mango, this ingredient appears to be a safe and effective way to shed those extra pounds.

Although African Mango is nothing more than a fiber and vitamin-rich extract, it has proven to promote a significant reduction in weight for many people.

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