Benzedrine Review

Benzedrine is all the rage, because whenever a product compares itself to a prescription, we flock to it. And in this case, it comes up in all Google searches for the prescription. So some might think that it’s the same thing or at least similar enough to help you to lose weight without actually going to the doctor.

How Does Benzedrine Work?

Just like prescription Benzedrine, Benzedrine uses amphetamine like substances. But obviously, these are considered to be natural amphetamines and do not come with some of the nastier side effects. By doing this, Benzedrine would ideally burn fat, suppress appetite, and improve mood along with many other benefits.

If you research the ingredients, Benzedrine has some of the strongest ingredients available on the over the counter market. Synephrine is a chemical cousin to ephedra, and it’s considered by many to be the official replacement. Some still proceed with caution understandably. But when used correctly, most say that synephrine does not come with the same nasty side effects.

And with phenylethylamine, which is most popularly known as the “love drug” in chocolate, you can suppress appetite. Frankly, Benzedrine errs on the side of overkill considering the fact that Benzedrine uses several different types of phenylethylamine. But as long as it has enough phenylethylamine, there’s no real issue.

But with proprietary blends, I can basically guarantee that Benzedrine won’t work. Proprietary blends basically combine all of the ingredients and then you get one lump amount. It does not name any individual doses, and it guarantees that you will not get any clinically proven amounts meaning no real results.

Benzedrine Side Effects

The most common side effects of Benzedrine are headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, indigestion, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, facial flushing, insomnia, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, and an elevated heartbeat.

Benzedrine Money Back Guarantee?

Unfortunately, Benzedrine sells through so many retailers that you cannot actually get a money back guarantee. So when you find yourself disappointed, you really have no recourse. It’s too bad.

Benzedrine Conclusion

There is so much potential when it comes to Benzedrine, and Benzedrine really could end up promoting some seriously great weight loss results. But with proprietary blends standing in the way, Benzedrine is not quite as great as it seems.

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