Best Weight Loss Tips – 5 Top Tips Revealed

5 weight loss tips

Whether your extra pounds are keeping you from fitting into last year’s dress or require you to get seatbelt extenders on airplanes, they have interfered with your life long enough.

Crash diets, starvation, and wishful-thinking purchases of gym memberships that are never used – these actually hinder your weight loss progress. Here are 10 ways to slim down easily and painlessly, replacing your old bad habits with new and good ones:

1. Add, Don’t Subtract

Many make the mistake of getting into fad diets that require that you drop an entire food group. No grains, no fats or sugars, etc. Your body needs all of the major food groups to perform optimally since each group functions in a different way.

And not only is it extremely unhealthy, very few people maintain this kind of diet. The better option is to replace unhealthy items one at a time with healthy foods. This way you are much more likely to be consistent, while still getting your small indulgences.

2. Get Moving

Experts have proven that your body needs at least 60 minutes of cardio per day to significantly burn fat, no matter what the calorie counter on your elliptical machine says. If you want better results for your time, try using what’s called interval training. You go between speeds, never allowing your body to get accustomed to one speed, and it burns more fat in the same amount of time as a simple and steady jog or even sprint.

If you can’t get to the gym, you can add more steps to your day by parking at the back of the lot and walking, taking the stairs, strolling around the neighborhood, taking a bike to relatively close locations, and always looking for opportunities to burn a few more calories.

3. Stay Hydrated

Most of the time, we mistake thirst for hunger. We overeat when we could actually cut our caloric intake in half by simply drinking the recommended 64 oz. of water per day, especially before meals.

Water is absolutely essential to every function of the body, and it also has a certain cleansing effect. Not only that, but it keeps compulsive-snackers busy. Always keep some low or no-calorie beverages at hand. Before you grab that bag of chips, take a big drink and you will eat less.

4. Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables have vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants which can help you to lose more weight naturally. They are also generally lower in calories than other foods so throw a bag of carrots into your lunch and eat them before you move on to the less filling, higher calorie indulgences.

You can also add these easily to your less healthy treats. Eat a bowl of fruit with a small serving of ice cream rather than the other way around. Put more vegetables into your soups and pastas.

5. Try A Weight Loss Supplement

If trying to drink 100 gallons of water to suppress your appetite or eat a pile of fruits and vegetables seems challenging for you at this point, then maybe you should jump-start your weight loss with a weight loss supplement.

The best diet pills will always contain fat burners, appetite suppressants, and metabolism boosters. They can give you natural energy that will help you to be more active and lose more weight on your own.



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