Beta Burn Fat Burner Review

Beta Burn Fat Burner is a fat burner designed to tone muscle and boost metabolism with clinically proven weight loss ingredients, specifically based on beta alanine. Beta Burn Fat Burner focuses partly on an ingredient called Irvingia Gabonensis, the second “African miracle” of our time, promising the ultimate body transforming benefits of any natural weight loss supplement while simultaneously lowering bad LDL cholesterol levels for better heart health.

Weight Loss Ingredients in Beta Burn Fat Burner

Beta Burn Fat Burner has quite a few clinically proven and potentially strong weight loss ingredients. It uses ingredients such as green tea, an ancient Chinese remedy that has been used for its fat burning and antioxidant benefits, as well as Irvingia Gabonensis, which has been through multiple human clinical trials.

Beta Burn Fat Burner uses the stimulant free razberi-k, and it uses a number of superfruits that do not promote weight loss, but superfruits can lower bad cholesterol and improve health. You would think that Beta Burn Fat Burner must be a strong weight loss blend.

The Proprietary Blend

The only problem is that Beta Burn Fat Burner also uses a proprietary blend. Proprietary blends look good at first, because manufacturers spin it as a way to hide super powerful and therefore super secret formulas. However, the truth is that proprietary blends hide the individual amounts of ingredients making it impossible for you to tell whether or not a product like Beta Burn Fat Burner has the clinically proven doses of its ingredients.

Typically, companies use this kind of tactic because those products do not have the clinically proven amounts of any of their ingredients. However, Beta Burn Fat Burner could be the exception.

Is Beta Burn Fat Burner a Good Value?

Beta Burn Fat Burner uses ingredients that have been through multiple clinical studies, and ingredients like Irvingia Gabonensis only require 150mg. In fact, most products that use Irvingia Gabonensis/African mango use the clinically proven 150mg.

Beta Burn Fat Burner is one of the few products that we have to question by virtue of the fact that websites selling Beta Burn Fat Burner don’t give us the exact amounts. Beta Burn Fat Burner may provide benefits such as the antioxidant benefits associated with green tea, but we would not necessarily count on the powerful fat burning that is sometimes associated with ingredients such as green tea or Irvingia gabonensis found in Beta Burn Fat Burner.

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