Beyond Nature Thermo X Review

beyond nature thermo x

Beyond Nature is receiving a lot of attention in the media due to its recently released, vegetarian-friendly formula Thermo X.

This diet pill is said to be a high-energy supplement that will help you burn more calories than you consume by increasing energy levels and decreasing appetite, while still keeping the side effects to a minimum.

Although more affordable than Apidextra, is Thermo X really the best weight loss pill?

Ingredient Information

Thermo X contains the following stimulants, each of which are clinically proven to promote weight loss (although they might not be in their optimum clinically proven concentrations).

Guarana: A plant source of caffeine – a single serving offers 350 mg of caffeine (whereas a cup of coffee only offers about 65-135 mg of caffeine)

Citrus Aurantium: Chinese Herbal Stimulant – said to be the safe alternative to ephedra

Green Tea: Provides a good mix of antioxidants as well as caffeine

Garcinia Cambogia: May inhibit lipolysis – not clinically proven to work

White Willow Bark: When combined with caffeine, it acts as a powerful stimulant and thermogenic.

Potential Risks

The biggest fault I find with Thermo X is the huge risk of experiencing negative side effects.

Thermo X offers a proprietary blend of about 950 mg of at least 5 stimulants (and a few other less effective fat fighters). While this may not seem like much if you divide the ingredients out equally, so many stimulants combined into the same formula is more than enough to give you headaches, stomachaches, dizziness, nausea, and insomnia.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, then you’ll definitely want to stay away from this product.

What Consumers are Saying

Since Thermo X is still a fairly new formula, there are very few customer reviews on this product, and the only two that I could find were the testimonials listed on the manufacturer’s website saying that they had lost about 20 lbs.

While I don’t mind that companies provide paid testimonials on their site, I can’t help but be a little suspicious into thinking that this product sounds a little “too good to be true.”

Final Thoughts

Thermo X has a lot of positive things going for it: affordable price, clinically proven ingredients, and a money-back guarantee, and if you tried Thermo X today, I wouldn’t be surprised if it helped you lose a couple of pounds alongside your current health regimen.

On the other hand, I think that Thermo X falls short in many ways as well, failing to provide consumers with exact ingredient concentrations and presenting far more side effects than is necessarily safe.

Until more information is available about Thermo X, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this product. I feel that consumers would be better off paying a few extra dollars in a clinically proven supplement such as Apidextra rather than selling themselves short with the cheapest stimulant they can find.

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