BIO-CLA + Green Tea Review

bio-cla + green tea

BIO-CLA + Green Tea is easy to break down. It has just 2 ingredients, and it lays out the supposed studies for you. It could detail quite a few other studies, because it has green tea. However, we understand that it has limited space. As such, we have definitely looked into the benefits of green tea and CLA as a whole, and this is what we came up with.

Fat Burning Benefits

BIO-CLA + Green Tea has one clinically proven weight loss ingredient, that being green tea obviously, and green tea is one of the strongest ingredients we’ve seen in terms of clinical studies. There are plenty of products that misuse it, therefore not allowing you to actually get the proper benefits of green tea. However, that does not mean that BIO-CLA + Green Tea doesn’t work. BIO-CLA + Green Tea is one of the few that actually has the clinically proven amounts of green tea and then some.

Other Weight Loss Benefits

While the evidence is not quite as strong, there have been some who have said that green tea can also suppress appetite while simultaneously controlling blood sugar levels, which is completely possible. It uses quite a few different studies, and there are some that seem suggestive. Either way, the fat burning is enough for most.

Other Potential Benefits of BIO-CLA + Green Tea

The biggest thing that we can think of is heart health. Because of the CLA and the antioxidants used in BIO-CLA + Green Tea, it could improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and overall heart health at the same time. However, some have suggested that there is more to green tea than may initially meet the naked eye. For example, some studies have explored it as a treatment for multiple sclerosis (more of a preventative measure) while others have studied its relationship with cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other common but nasty diseases, and so far quite a few of the studies have come out positive.


BIO-CLA + Green Tea uses ingredients that we’re pretty sure end up on the positive side of things in a lot of ways. These ingredients are not by any means weak, and there are definitely reasons to think that BIO-CLA + Green Tea is certainly not mediocre. It has clinically proven ingredients, and it definitely has a way of doing things that most don’t. Just don’t assume that it’s the all-powerful solution that will save you from yourself.

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