BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance Review

Based on the recent popularity of the popular hCG pregnancy hormone diet, BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance is for the after. It is the supplement that will supposedly help you to keep the weight off without having to stay on an extreme 500 calorie diet. According to the description, this diet pill, which is manufactured by one of the industry’s biggest MLM companies, activates hCG, eliminating cravings, increasing metabolism, and burning away stored body fat.

hCG & Weight Loss

While the only recognized ways to get more hCG are to get pregnant or inject yourself with pregnancy hormones, we cannot say that hCG is necessarily the best way to go. Think about it for half a second, what happens when you get pregnant? We don’t think that we really have to tell you that you gain weight. So logically, if you inject yourself with pregnancy hormones, you gain weight, which explains why dieters have to go on a 500 calorie diet plan. Fortunately, BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance is different.

What Does BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance Actually Use?

BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance does not use a single drop of hCG! It does not use any ingredients that have been recognized as hCG enhancers. In fact, every one of the ingredients in BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance has been used in popular weight loss supplements before.

It uses ingredients like green tea and caffeine, both of which have been recognized as natural ways to promote a healthy thermogenic fat burning effect. In addition, it has razberi-k, a stimulant free ingredient that may lipolyticly burn more fat. Combined with Cinnulin PF, a patented ingredient that specifically controls blood sugar, BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance may also help some to control their cravings for sugars, carbs, and other potentially unhealthy foods.

Why Fall Back on hCG?

It doesn’t make much sense to us either. After all, Isatori hCG Maintenance has a formula that actually makes sense, at least on the surface. The problem is that the average consumer likes the hype, whether it makes sense or not. We’re excited about hCG right now, and many hCG dieters are struggling to overcome the fact that when you starve yourself, your metabolism slows down, causing you to regain the weight rather quickly when you actually start eating. BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance couldn’t ask for any better market than that.

Does BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance Promote Weight Loss?

For someone who has just gotten off the hCG diet, we don’t know of anything that will help you to lose more weight, and you would be hard-pressed to find anything that would help you to maintain weight loss, at least not for a while. Your body is going to be out of wack, and that’s not BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance’s fault.

However, if you have been on a normal diet and want to use BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance to lose weight in combination with healthy practices, BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance has clinically proven weight loss ingredients, and it has combinations that have been through clinical tests before.

We are not guaranteeing anything. After all, BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance still relies on a proprietary blend. It’s common for a lot of products to hide behind these blends, because it hides the individual and often unproven amounts of ingredients like green tea or razberi-k.

However, given the right dieter with the right weight loss plan and a formula that secretly hides the clinically proven 400mg of green tea and the clinically proven amounts of other ingredients, we could see BioGenetic Laboratories hCG Maintenance pulling through.

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