Body & Thigh Slim Review

Have you heard of green tea and all of the miraculous benefits? Okay, maybe that’s a silly question. Everybody, at least in the United States, has heard of green tea, and this popular supplement has been used for centuries in many Asian countries. The only difference is that now we know that green tea has been clinically proven to promote certain benefits in hundreds of different studies.

Therefore, nobody’s really surprised anymore to see hundreds of diet pills still popping up boasting about using green tea. We should be a little more cautious, but when Body & Thigh Slim tells us that the formula uses green tea, we jump on board. We say, oh Body & Thigh Slim has green tea, this formula must burn fat, promote healthy antioxidant benefits, and promote weight loss in general!

How Powerful is Green Tea?

Green tea has been through, as we mentioned before, hundreds of clinical studies. Studies have shown that green tea can raise metabolism while improving health and eliminating harmful free radicals with healthy antioxidants. If used correctly, there are plenty of reasons why green tea could help you to lose weight.

In fact, we have seen diet pills come and go with green tea as their key ingredient, and some of those diet pills have been able to break the regular mold of mediocre diet pills. However, one ingredient is not always enough.

The Body & Thigh Slim Formula

Green tea can be a powerful weight loss supplement, but we would never put all of our eggs in one basket. Diet pills that are more diverse and have a little backup tend to be more effective, and Body & Thigh Slim does have other ingredients.

The problem is that none of the other ingredients in Body & Thigh Slim have ever been clinically proven to promote healthy weight loss. Calcium, chromium, and resveratrol are all healthy and have certain essential nutrient benefits. Calcium for example can encourage strong bones, but these ingredients have never been known for promoting healthy weight loss.

Is the Body & Thigh Slim Formula Enough?

Body & Thigh Slim has only one clinically proven weight loss ingredient. While we realize that this one ingredient has been studied multiple times, we don’t know that Body & Thigh Slim has the doses that were used in these clinical studies. Body & Thigh Slim does not tell us those particular details, leaving us in the dark.

Unfortunately, diet pills that take this approach do that for a reason. They don’t want you to know that instead of the clinically proven 400mg, Body & Thigh Slim probably uses more like 200mg or even as little as just 50mg. These amounts are big enough to cause side effects for some, but not weight loss.

So far, Body & Thigh Slim does not offer a good money back guarantee or anything else to pad the blow. We are left solely with a product that probably won’t be quite as effective as you might need.

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