Bonita Carb Blocker Review

Bonita Carb Blocker

Most dieters do need to be a change, and we think of products like Bonita Carb Blocker as a quick fix and a replacement for said change. Obviously, let’s face it, if you are obese, then you did something to help yourself to get there, and chances are you are still doing something that is holding you back. And if you’re a low carb believer, chances are you fall into the trap that most of us fall into. Yes, there’s such thing as everything in moderation.

But if you’re anything like our staff here at, there is no such thing as moderation when it comes to carbs. It’s all or nothing. So the idea of a carb blocker that would erase all of those mistakes sounds amazing! Okay, so maybe Bonita Carb Blocker doesn’t erase mistakes, maybe you actually have to be on a real live low carb diet, at least that’s what the sites says. But you can’t stop a girl from dreaming.

How Does Bonita Carb Blocker Work?

We were both disappointed and impressed when we realized that Bonita Carb Blocker is not a carb blocker. Well, technically, it has one ingredient, gymnema sylvestre, that can control blood sugar, which could in the right situation, help you to control your cravings for things like carbs and sugars.

Instead of using carb blockers, which is what we were expecting, Bonita Carb Blocker uses a fat burner and fat blocker, both of which are most likely going to help you to lose more weight, even if you’re like us and you’re not exactly perfect. Granted, you might want to try a low fat diet instead because of the fat blocker. But garcinia cambogia for one can work with any healthy, low calorie diet.


Apparently, Bonita got a little mixed up and thought that they were making a fat blocker. And then they decided to add in at least one ingredient that is not so discriminating and can actually help more people to get results. So yes, you can go on a low carb diet, and you might feel like it makes a bigger difference than other carb blockers you’ve used (because especially if you are eating more carbs than you like to admit, it is). But you don’t have to.

Considering the ingredients in Bonita Carb Blocker, you could go on a vegetarian diet if you wanted, an eat a little bit of everything diet, etc. as long as it’s healthy. Granted, we’ve seen better options, and we’ve seen plenty of other products with more clinically proven ingredients and greater results. But considering the relatively cheap price, Bonita Carb Blocker isn’t bad.

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