Lightning-quick Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

quick ways to boost your metabolism

Losing weight often boils down to a simple equation: calories in vs. calories out. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

However, this equation is influenced by numerous factors, including your medical history, your lifestyle, your genetics, and your metabolism as well as which types of foods you eat and how frequently you eat them, and keeping track of every single calorie burned in every single situation is next to impossible – welcome to weight loss math 101.

But before you let the math overwhelm your motivation, keep in mind that you do have a surprising amount of control over these various factors, and one of these is your metabolism.

True, your metabolism is influenced by your age, gender, and lean body mass ratio, and according to Barrie Wolfe-Radbill, RD at New York University Medical Center, “some people just burn calories at a slower rate than others,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t refuel your body’s fat burning fires and burn more calories than ever before.

Now you can boost your metabolism naturally in less than a minute with these surprisingly simple yet effective strategies.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Your mother was on to something when she said that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and though you’re probably tired of hearing the phrase over and over again, it’s no less true today than it was back in her day.

According to a study published back in 2003, out of nearly 500 subjects in Massachusetts, individuals who skipped breakfast were more likely to overindulge on their next meals and were 4.5 times more likely to become obese.

Whether you like to power up your mornings with a healthy selection of eggs and fresh fruit, or simply like to grab a quick bite of a whole-wheat piece of toast topped with peanut butter before running out the door, a few calories in the morning will significantly cut down on your total calorie count for the day.

Stand Up to Slim Down

According to San Francisco’s CBS affiliate, Dr. David Coven, a cardiologist at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York, sitting down for prolonged periods of time was “just as dangerous” for your health as smoking.

In an older study, individuals who sat for longer periods of time were 25% more likely to contract cardiovascular diseases or die from cancer than those who got up and moved on a regular basis.

If you’re like the millions of Americans stuck behind a desk for 8 hours (or more) a day, then your job may be the reason you’re packing on the pounds. In order to counteract the weight gain, we recommend setting a timer every thirty minutes and giving yourself a moment to stand up and stretch.

Marisa Moore, RD, and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics states, “Stand up whenever you’re on the phone. You burn about 25 percent more calories on your feet than when you’re sitting down.”

Start Supplementing

With all the risky products on the market these days, finding a quality diet pill can be a scary business. However, when used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, some of the best diet supplements on the market may be able to help boost your metabolism and lose more weight than dieting and exercise alone.

Additionally, Australian researchers have discovered that adding a fish oil pill to your morning routine may be able to increase fat-burning enzymes due to the high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Additional Suggestions

Although there may be numerous reasons that you’re struggling to get your metabolism under control, with these fast acting tips, you can stimulate your metabolism to keep burning calories all day long.

To find out additional ways you can boost your metabolism naturally, click here.

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