C-Plex60 Review

Are you a carb lover but you hate that what you eat ends up expanding your waistline? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were products out there that kept those delicious carbs from going to your hips and other unfavorable places?

Well the good news is that there are products out there just for blocking carbs from being absorbed. C-Plex60 claims to be one of those products. They say that they can keep your body from absorbing extra carbohydrates and also suppress the appetite.

But is C-Plex60 an effective carb blocker? Does it contain clinically proven ingredients that will really deliver the results you want? Looking closer at the company and ingredients will help us answer those questions.

C-Plex60 Background

C-Plex60 is based out of the UK. It originally came from the makers of a product called Capsiplex. Capsiplex has become a popular weight loss supplement that uses Capsicum to help burn calories.

So because of this, you would think that C-Plex60 would have the same kind of effectiveness and clinically proven ingredients. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Ingredient Information

The main ingredient that C-Plex60 brags about is seaweed. Now, seaweed is a great ingredient. It is a great source of iodine, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and other valuable nutrients. It can help rid the body of toxins and even be good for the metabolism.

But what we find confusing is why it is being advertised as a carb blocker and an appetite suppressant. We have never seen seaweed marketed in that way, and have no idea how it can help you lose weight.

The second ingredient is White Kidney Bean Extract. If they should be marketing any ingredient it should be this one. White Kidney Bean has been used as a carb blocker in a lot of weight loss pills. It can also help you feel full, thus helping you control your portions.

Whit Kidney Bean has gotten some hype, but it isn’t the most effective ingredient.

Are there any Side Effects?

There aren’t any side effects that come with C-Plex60. That is probably because there isn’t much to C-Plex60 in the first place. You won’t have any negative side effects, and you probably won’t have any positive side effects either.

Would we recommend it?

C-Plex60 doesn’t haven enough going for it for us to recommend it with confidence. There are too many doubtful things about it to make us think that it is worth checking out.

Yes, seaweed and white kidney beans are good ingredients, but not necessarily for weight loss. Our minds are boggled as to why they would market seaweed for weight loss in this way.

The company also seems a little sketchy. Their website has a lot of information on it, but it seems to just be repeating their same points over and over. There aren’t any outside consumer reviews to back up what the website claims.

Also, you can really only get this product if you live in the UK. They do ship internationally, but it isn’t worth the hassle.

The bottom line is, don’t waste you time C-Plex60. Find a product that really will follow through with their promises.

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