CalmSlim Review


CalmSlim is an all natural diet pill for women based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. With CalmSlim, they say that you will finally be able to take the best approach to fat burning, appetite suppression, and all around balance.

It is a more unique approach than ever before, and with CalmSlim, the question is, does it actually work? Does CalmSlim actually help you to achieve the results of this exotic sounding approach?

Calmslim ingredients include garcinia cambogia, chromium, white kidney bean, blackberry, gymnema sylvestre, and green tea.

The Truth

CalmSlim does actually have some good ingredients. Not all of them are by any means Chinese. And frankly, Chinese people tend to stay thinner because of diet and exercise, not some magical substance. But anyway, they have garcinia cambogia for example, which is an all natural and completely stimulant free fat burner. Likewise, they have green tea, a well known fat burner in general. This being said, these ingredients are seemingly the only active ingredients found in CalmSlim. The others for the most part have absolutely nothing to do with greater weight loss results.

However, the major problem is small amounts. CalmSlim uses only small proprietary blends to cover these ingredients, and these do not even begin to account for the needed amounts for greater clinically proven results in general. This being said, they do not actually have a lot of other things needed for success, and most of their ingredients are not related to weight loss at all. We would definitely recommend that you find something else far more effective among other things.

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