Capsiplex Review


Capsiplex is an all natural diet pill made to help you to burn off an extra 278 calories per day.

It will help you to finally achieve real and lasting weight loss results, and they say that it will help you to optimize the results of diet and exercise burning both fat and carbs at the same time!

Capsiplex does not use any stimulants, and it does not cause any side effects. But it does have clinically proven results, and they have consumer reviews to back them up.

They talk about losing 4 stone which is equal to about 56 pounds, in a relatively short period of time.

Obviously, that’s quite impressive and more than most diet pills will provide with months or even years of use. But this product, which is completely safe for long term use, can do this in a fraction of the time. But does Capsiplex actually work?

Capsiplex ingredients include cayenne pepper.

The Truth

Capsiplex has a blend of one known ingredient: capsicum or cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper has been known to promote mild fat burning and weight loss benefits.

However, this would be the equivalent of the appetite suppression seen with a piece of chewing gum. It’s not anything revolutionary. And you can get enough cayenne pepper to promote weight loss results with a small bottle that will cost you $3.

So what makes this so special, and why are you paying $25 for it? We don’t know. Capsiplex does not even have the clinically proven amounts needed to promote weight loss in the first place.

And without any other, stronger ingredients, this whole thing does not mean squat. Caffeine, while it can cause side effects, can also promote weight loss if you use the right amounts. We cannot say as much for this particular formula of ingredients, natural or not.


Capsiplex is not a valid product. It does not promote weight loss results, and it does not promote any given benefits.

Capsiplex is a waste of time and money, and we would strongly encourage you to find something else. Capsiplex is a one hit wonder, a one trick pony, and a poor one at that. We would encourage you to look for a product with more substance, more ingredients, greater amounts, and everything else that you ultimately will not find here.

Capsiplex is just another waste of time and money.

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