CapsiPure Review

What if weight loss could be as easing as adding a little spice to your life?

With CapsiPure you may be able to use the power of chili peppers to boost your metabolism, burn more calories and fat, and look and feel great.

CapsiPure claims that the problem of previous chili pepper formulas has been solved. Their CapsiPure blend is surrounded by a special coating so that you can enjoy the maximum strength dose of chili extract without any of the discomfort or irritation.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to add CapsiPure’s spicy formula to your diet?

Let’s find out just how (and if) CapsiPure works first.

The CapsiPure Ingredients

CapsiPure claims that their weight loss success comes from the Capsimax Plus Blend. This blend includes:

• Capsicum Flower Extract- chili pepper extract, shown to turn up the heat, get your metabolism pumping, and get you burning more calories.
• Black Pepper Extract- improves the effectiveness of the other ingredients in the formula.
• Caffeine- promotes a high metabolism and increases your energy.
• Niacin- helps you relieve stress and increases energy.

On the CapsiPure website they claim that during a study, one group of participants was given Capsimax Plus an hour before working out. These participants were able to burn more calories before, during, and up to an hour after working out with Capsimax. The Capsimax participants burned a total of 278 more calories then the placebo group.

The CapsiPure Truth

The truth? CapsiPure may help you lose some weight, but I wouldn’t expect anything too significant. True, CapsiPure does reference that study on their site that claims of 278 calorie burning glory, but the actual terms of the study are unclear and there are top diet pills that can actually do more.

CapsiPure may be able to help you burn more calories and fat, but what if CapsiPure doesn’t work for you? There is no money back guarantee offered for CapsiPure. With such a weak formula already, why would you risk your money on CapsiPure if they aren’t even willing to back up their claims? Not worth it!

CapsiPure Conclusion

If you are ready to spice things up, boost your metabolism, and shed the pounds, CapsiPure may be able to help. CapsiPure contains ingredients that should help you burn more calories then your diet and exercise program alone, but is CapsiPure strong enough to really deliver substantial results?

If you are looking for a diet pill to really help you lose significant weight, CapsiPure probably isn’t it. CapsiPure has a pretty weak formula. And, CapsiPure isn’t backed by a money back guarantee. Why risk your money when CapsiPure won’t risk theirs?

Have you tried CapsiPure? Did CapsiPure work for you?

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